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10 Best Halloween Cupcakes Ideas

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Are you ready to make 10 spooky Halloween cupcakes? Halloween is the time to put on your creative hat and get out of box ideas to create a spooky ambiance. It’s so much fun to create an ugly and freaky party food, treats, decorations, and costumes.

Some people prepare it for months before to make sure that they create the best decoration, costumes, and treats and impress their guests and neighbors. Don’t worry, if you are yet to start your Halloween preparations because I have you covered.

In this post, I have a list of 10 Halloween Cupcakes recipes for both kids and adults to enjoy together. You can also check the list of amazing Halloween party food ideas and cocktail recipes in these posts.



Halloween Cupcakes


1. Slime Monster Cupcakes

These slime-filled gooey cupcakes will melt in your mouth as well as gives that creepy feeling. I am not sure if I would be able to take a bite if offered.

Love the color combination and those scary eyes.

Image and idea from SimpleandSeasonal


10 homemade Halloween Cupcakes recipes


2.  Easy Jack-O-Lantern Cupcakes

Jack-o-lantern cupcake

Do I need to say more??? It’s Halloween so naturally Jack-O-Lantern cupcake. Bonus, the recipe is very simple and beautiful.

Image and recipe from MommyMusings


Chocolate Mummy Cupcake

Kids will go ga-ga over these cupcakes. It’s so much fun to create these Halloween cupcakes aka memories.

Image and idea from Skinnytaste


10 easy to make but scary halloween cupcakes


Monster Halloween Cupcakes

Monster cupcakes


These colorful monsters are so cute that you don’t feel like hurting them and they add a lot of color to your Halloween decoration table.

Image and idea from LifeWithTheCrustCutOff


Cauldron Halloween Cupcakes

Cauldron Cupcakes

If you can make these cupcakes, I’m sure you’ll raise the standard of the party.

These are beautiful cupcakes and are simple to make too. Just add the magic accessories – Cauldron and you are The Queen of Baking.

Image and idea from APumpkin&APrincess


Extra Help for Halloween Party Preparation

I know as you are busy making these beautiful cupcakes and other yummy party food, there are a few stuff that you can order online and get it delivered straight to your doorstep from Amazon.


 Halloween Party Invitation




Halloween Party Supplies- 85 pieces

This pack is sufficient to decorate your whole house for the party. It has 2 hanging skeleton props, 22 photo props, 10 ballons, a Halloween banner, 10 Plates, 10 Tassels, and 10 Napkins.

Enough for a small kids party.




Halloween Ghost Hanging Decorations-13.94ft




Halloween Windows Decorations – 107 pieces



Pumpkin String Lights

10 Led scary Pumpkin lights that change colors and makes creepy voices. Are you ready??? It’s a must buy.



Scary Halloween Woman costume




Costume for Man




Bat Cupcake

Halloween is a festival of sin and bad so obviously, Bat cupcake has to be on your party table. But let me remind your these bats are so cute and totally adorable.

Everybody would love a bite from them.

Bat Cupcakes

Image and idea from BigBearsWife


Witch Hat Halloween Cupcakes

Witch Cupcakes

Oreo, chocolate kisses and green icing is all you need to add witch’s hat on any cupcakes.

Your kids would love to help you here.

Image and recipes from TasteBetterFromScratch


Pumpkin Emoji Cupcakes

Pumpkin Emoji Cupcakes

If you want to create a fun party treat then this one comes very handily as it’s easy to make and super fun to decorate.

You can get creative and create your own as well. It’a great way to involve your kids and keep them engaged.

Image and idea from BettyCrocker


Oreo Spider Cupcake

Halloween Cupcakes

This is the only spider I love to have in my house or near me. They look so cute isn’t???

if you wanna make them this Halloween season let me tell- you have to make a lot of them as they will be gone before you could count them.

Image and idea from Texanerin


Little Graveyard cupcake

Little Graveyard cupcake

This is another creative cupcake which we can only think of baking on Halloween and serving to our guests – Graveyard cupcake.

Image and idea from Cupcakediariesblog

I hope you’ll enjoy making these scary Halloween cupcakes and have fun with your loved ones. Make lots of good memories with your family members and enjoy the day!

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