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21 Best Survey Sites to Make Extra Money

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Are you looking for a way to make some extra bucks to add to your budget or pay your monthly bills, or pay for your Christmas Shopping? In this post, I am going to give you a list of 21 best survey sites to make extra income.

While I was preparing to launch this blog, one of the ways I made extra cash was by doing free online surveys. I think I took about 15-20 surveys and made about $30.

I didn’t get rich from taking these online surveys, but I made a good side income by spending a little bit of my time every day.

It’s instant money and threshold is not as high as many ads companies or affiliate networks.

In this post, I have listed 21 best survey sites that are legit and pay well.

Tips For making more from Surveys


Always Be Honest

When you’re joining an online survey site, they’ll usually ask you some questions to best match you with surveys.

Always be honest with your answers. These survey companies want people who fit in the survey prospect. They also have some verification questions during the survey just to check if you are saying the truth.

Sometimes by lying, you might miss a great opportunity because you don’t know what they exactly are looking for.

Join As Many Survey Companies As You Can

My recommendation for you is to sign up for all the free online survey sites below so that you have more chances of making money.

The reason why signing up for all of them is that each survey company will send you a few surveys to your inbox every month, so the more you sign up for, the more potential money you will make.  It’s easy and quick.

Never Pay to Join a Survey Site

If a survey company is asking you to pay to join them then it’s a scam. A legitimate company will never ask for your credit card details or bank details.

Payment Method

Most survey companies pay you through PayPal so create a free PayPal account here.

Email Account

I have a separate email account for surveys so that it doesn’t mix with my personal or business emails. You’ll receive many emails from survey companies.

Choose High Paying Surveys

To get maximum benefits, choose high paying surveys, though it’s going to take more time than the short one, it’s worth it.

21 Best Survey Sites to Make Extra Money


Best survey sites

1. Survey Rewardz – US, UK, CA, AU

Once you are registered with Survey Rewardz, you can start taking surveys immediately and start making money.

SurveyRewardz is one of the world’s most popular market-research communities.  Earn money to give your opinion.

It’s as simple as that!!

Voice your opinion and make money.

You can get paid cash via Paypal, check, Amazon gift card or Visa cards!

Click HERE to join Survey Reawrdz.




2. PineCone Research- best survey sites

Pinecone Research is one of the most popular and best survey sites to make money by giving your opinion.

You have a chance to win $500 and $4500.

It offers paid free product testing and paid online survey opportunities. You can get paid through Paypal or check or even gift cards if you prefer them.

With every survey, you complete you have a chance to enter their bi-weekly and quarterly prize draws of $500 and $4,500.


Click HERE to Sign Up for the US.

Click HERE to sign up for Canada



3. Survey Club 1


Anyone 13 years or older from the United States can earn cash, free products, points, gift cards, and prizes for simply participating in online surveys.

Based on the information you provide to SurveyClub, you will have the opportunity to join some of the largest survey companies in the world.

The Survey will come directly to your inbox so give an email address that you use frequently and also check your spam folder.

The rewards that are offered include cash, gift cards, pre-paid debit cards, cash sweepstakes, prize drawings, and charitable contributions.

You can request a payment from SurveyClub once you have accumulated $25 in rewards.


Click HERE to sign up.

4. Mobile Xpression

Download MobileXpression and get paid for using your devices. After you have been an active member for 1 week, you will receive MobileXpression credits that can be redeemed for a $5.00 Amazon gift card!.

Each week, this company has giveaways for cool prizes from companies like KitchenAid, Apple, Samsung, & Canon.

Every 90 days you’re a member, they’ll help the environment by planting 1 tree in your honor.

So simple- get gift cards just for keeping apps on your devices!


Click HERE to sign up.


5. Nielsen Computer & Mobile Panel

Earn a reward for using your internet, it can’t get easier than this.

Nielsen Computer and Mobile Panel combines your unique internet usage with people like you to build a picture of internet behavior.

By using the internet as you do every day, you are invited to make a difference – and win prizes!

Nielsen gives away $10,000 each month.


Click HERE to sign up and earn rewards.


6.Vindale Research

Join Vindale Research and earn up to $50 per online survey completed.

When you register and log in, you have the surveys with the rewards displayed, and you get to choose the ones you like.

If you want to make the most of your time and effort, then choose higher-paying ones to earn anything decent.

Occasionally, Vindale Research will reward its users by offering them $75 per survey. These surveys usually take a few hours to complete but are definitely worth it.

It is another best survey site to make money online.

Cash-out with PayPal!


Click HERE to sign up for the US.




7. Survey 2 Cash

Take Surveys and get rewarded. Sign up today and earn triple reward points for taking your first survey. Also upon registration, you will be entered into $1000 sweepstakes!

Increase survey availability by referring your friends and family. Get paid via Paypal or Gift Cards, it’s your choice.

Click HERE to sign-up.



8. Inbox Research

 Earn extra cash by evaluating products and services. Get up to $50 for each completed survey, product and service reviews.
InboxResearch compensates its members to test out products, services and give feedback on those tested.
Free to Join!!

Click HERE to Join.


9. E-Poll Surveys

E-Poll provides a convenient online forum to express your opinions on a variety of issues that affect your daily life. It asks intriguing questions about celebrities, sports, TV Shows, and other entertainment media.

The best part is, you can participate without leaving your computer!

Furthermore, for every survey you partake in, you will be earning valuable points that are redeemable for gift cards, prizes, and even cash!

Click HERE to sign up.



10. Life Points

Contribute directly to the world’s largest companies and brands by participating in engaging surveys.

With LifePoints you’re in the driving seat, meaning your opinions and views influence brands across the globe to shape new products and services.

In return for your contribution, you collect LifePoints that always turn into amazing rewards.

The more LifePoints you collect, the more potential rewards you can get.

As a LifePoints member, you will be able to respond to surveys covering health, sport, travel and any other aspect of your daily life.

All LifePoints surveys are conducted online, and you are free to decide whether or not to participate in them.

 Click HERE to Sign up.


11. Inbox Dollars

You answer online surveys and short polls right from your laptop or smartphone.

InboxDollars then rewards you with your choice of free cash or gift cards for popular brands. It’s easy to get paid for sharing your opinions, and they are one of the best survey sites out there.

Get $5 instantly for signing up.


Click HERE to sign up.


12. Panda Research

Complete Paid Offers and Market Research For Cash! Earn money by successfully completing paid offers.
Upon signing up, you will receive a $3 Sign up Bonus.

Earn Additional Income by reading emails (Maximum $25 per payout). Refer your friends and earn additional income.
Get paid on the 1st and 15th every month via Paypal.

Sign up with Panda Research HERE.


13. Opinion Square

OpinionsUSA is a lively community filled with specially selected advisers who share their opinions on topics ranging from health to retail to dining, and everything in between.

OpinionSquare members can earn points redeemable for exciting prizes through our OpinionRewards program. Complete an eligible survey or other offers from OpinionSquare, to receive points.

With continued participation, you’ll be able to redeem your points for valuable rewards like gift cards, electronics, and home appliances.

Click HERE to sign up.




14. Point Club

Point Club is another survey panel that pays you $5 just for joining. It is a unique research panel that has many activities like videos, promotions, weekly polls and much more earning opportunities.

They offer cash via PayPal and many gift cards with major retailers like Amazon, Walmart and more. You can even donate to charity.

Click HERE to sign up.




15. iSurvey World

Make Money Online! Have fun & get paid for doing surveys Start a New Account. It’s FREE!

If you are struggling to get the right site, then, trust MySurvey. This is another best survey sites to sign up for.

You’ll find yourself with money and free products to test all because you took its easy, quick legitimate paid surveys.

Click HERE to get started.





17. PrizeRebel

PrizeRebel always has tons of surveys available for you to complete and pays really well.

The website is very easy to use and the best part is that the payout is incredibly low $5 which you can redeem for cash via Paypal or for gift cards!

Click HERE to sign up with them.




19.Catch Panel

Have you ever wished you could share an idea or opinion directly with a company you love to create positive change?

C Space is a company that helps brands grow by connecting them with their customers, who in turn create impactful insights for their brand. Get paid in Amazon Gift Codes for your participation!

You have to be 13+ years of age to participate in these surveys.

Click HERE to sign up.


20. The Panel Station- USA

If you have a point of view on the products and services that you use in your daily life and believe that your opinion matters, then The Panel Station is the place for you.

Through its surveys, The Panel Station enables you to share your views and influence decision-makers across industries. What’s more, your opinions will earn you exciting prizes!

Each survey you participate in will help you win reward points and a variety of gifts, instant prizes, and vouchers.


Click HERE to join them.

21. Survey Junkei

SurveyJunkie has over 3 million members making money from easy online surveys. Surveys vary in length and cover a variety of topics that help influence and improve retail products and brands.

With Survey Junkie, you have the potential to earn anywhere from $5 – $18 per hour. If you’re looking to earn on the higher side, you’re going to be limited in the number of surveys you can take. The majority of surveys pay around $7 – $10 per hour.

The threshold amount is $10. Available awards include PayPal cash or retailer gift cards.

Click HERE to join the US and Canada



Best Survey sites

There you go folks, 21 best survey sites to make extra bucks. Remember, it’s not going to make you rich or replace your full-time income but it can certainly help.

Moreover, the money is instant, threshold payment is not that high and you don’t need any hi-fi qualifications.

Some of these companies also offer free products to test for your opinion.

More surveys you take, more you’ll be offered. To make the most out of it, take high paying surveys.

Good Luck!

Do you know any other legitimate and well-paying survey sites? Have you ever taken any survey or earn income through it? Let us know in the comment.

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13 thoughts on “21 Best Survey Sites to Make Extra Money”

  1. I love seeing bloggers post about legitimate survey sites. I’ve thought about doing some myself for a little extra income but you just never know what’s real vs what’s a scam. Thanks for this post and I’m definitely going to look into it!

  2. I’ve tried MySurvey and it’s ok but I feel like I could use my time better. Often it takes 5-10 minutes for the screening questions and when you don’t get picked, it’s just a waste!

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