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Are you ready to SKYROCKET your Blog Launch?

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Congrats!! You have started a blog. Wow, great move! So how is it going, your Blog Launch??? Is it your first week or first month or it has been a few months?

How many pageview??? I’m sure your readers are loving your content and subscribing to your email list???

Don’t forget to send them a newsletter at least once a month because Money is in the list.

Are you having a good time blogging???

If your answer is YES to all the above questions then you are on a good path but still read the post, will you?

and if your answer is NO then you GOTTA a problem and it needs to be fixed. Please read this post word for word. Just kidding 🙂

I’m sure you must have read lots of blog post on how to start a successful blog and inspired big time by income reports.  I bet you were so thrilled by the idea of working from home doing what you love, be with your kids and earn money…with the possibility of earning in thousands and the satisfaction???OHH, It’s out of this world!!

Well, all of the above fits me. I left my full-time job last year, to stay at home with the kids and work on my blog. I was super inspired by income reports that I jumped into blogging within two weeks of discovering it. After 6 months of hard work and frustration, I shut down my blog in February 2018.

Income earned = $80 in 6 months.

Highest page view for month = 1400 on the 6th month out of which 500+ must be mine 🙂

You can read more about why my blog fail or better why most blogs fail here.

I launched my 2nd blog on 16 March 2018 and in 12 days my Stats are:-

PageView: 3000+

Email subscribers= 25

Facebook Group = 16 members

Google Ads= $90

So, What Happened? How come a person getting 1400 page view after 6 months of blogging pulled up a blog with 3000+ pageview in 12 days???


This post contains affiliate links please read my full disclosure here. 

Blog Launch

In the last two weeks, I have joined more than 25 Facebook Groups and have been actively participating in some of them. In these two weeks, I came across so many aspiring as well as new bloggers who are either too impatient and wants money asap or some who have no idea about getting readers to their blog.

So, I thought  I’ll share my tips to help these beginners bloggers like me on how to JUMPSTART their Blog Launch or attract visitors to their blog.

Last time, I took all the wrong moves to kill my blog except for one, Starting it.

If you haven’t started a blog then don’t wait for a PERFECT time, there is no such time. Get your basics right and Jump. You’ll not know if your blog will be a success or not until you start it.

Read this step by step tutorial top start a blog with SiteGround if you haven’t already done so.



I’m assuming that you are clear about your blog niche or focus area. You know your blog mission and visions.

If not then read this post to prepare for a few important points before you start your blog. 

My six months of blogging helped me to understand my focus area, my new passion- helping new blogger. Making things simple for beginners because I was super confused when I first started.

After I wrapped up my old blog, I started doing some research, read and followed few beginners and intermediate bloggers in my Niche who are doing it well.

  • Checked their website, theme, layout,
  • Types of content they are writing
  • Followed their Pinterest account and applied for group board that they are part of, analyzed their Pin.
  • Sign up for their newsletters to see how they interact with their readers. How are they linking their blog post on their newsletter, what exclusive tips are they offering to their subscribers?

Since Pinterest is a major source of traffic for 90% of the bloggers so I read as many ebooks and blog posts on Pinterest as possible. For manual pinning, I read the best one – Caryl’s Pinterest Strategies.

Please note that Pinterest is a search engine with a bit of a social network component. To be successful, you need to pin your pins to many boards and group boards so to fulfill this requirement I did manual pinning + used pin scheduler – Tailwind to increase my traffic.


Before launching my blog I prepared a few things as follows:-

Blog Post

Initially, I was planning to launch my blog with 15 -20 posts but because of some unforeseen reasons, I launched my blog with 5 posts and few posts in the pipeline ready to go just waiting for images.

While doing my research I was constantly noting down my content ideas. I have about 30 blog post ideas in my book as of now. Yes, I still like to write down things in the old fashion way with pen & paper.

If you want to have a successful blog launch then a number of blog post matters. You don’t want to inform the whole social media about your blog with just a post. It’s a sure way to put off your readers. and if you do then be ready to publish a few posts daily.

As of two weeks of blog launch, I have 11 posts and two drafts -halfway through.

Email Opt-in

I sign up with Malet Lite as they offer the best free plan for up to 1000 subscribers and access to full support.

I created a valuable opt-in for my readers and placed it in 5 places.

Learn all about the importance of email list building, opt-in and best places to place your option in this post.

Don’t worry if you can’t come up with any opt-in idea right now, still, put sign-up forms in important places. You can add freebies later.

Beautiful Images

Pinterest is a visual platform and it would be good if you have a few nice pictures on your website as well. And if you are on Instagram then images are a must.

You can get beautiful stock images from many paid sites but if you looking for free ones then I use and

Haute Stock and Ivory Mix sell beautiful pictures and if you signup to their email newsletter then every month they send free stock photos.


Pinterest is the main source of traffic for 90% of the big blogger so I also focused on it.

While I was writing a blog post, I also set up the Pinterest business account with zero followers. I created boards on different categories in my niche. If you are not sure then like I said earlier, check Pinterest accounts of successful bloggers in your niche. To impress Pinterest, write down a short description of every board with one or two keywords. (very helpful)

Check Pinterest for the beginners guide to create a successful Pinterest account.

My Pinterest Strategy at a glimpse:-

  • Created a new business account 
  • 20 boards in different categories.
  • Followed successful blogger in my niche and applied to group boards that they are part of so that on the day of launch I have few group boards to pin my pins.
  • Created my own group boards to increase my followers
  • Started manually pinning other’s pins from group boards, in this way, I was engaging with the group boards as well as completing my manual pinning task. Also pinned from the Pinterest smart feed.
  • Created Board cover to give a uniform look to my boards as well as it makes easy to identify them from other boards.


I write down a simple blog mission and my expectation from my blog. Writing it down really helps. Sometimes, when you doubt yourself which is going to be a lot of times, your blog mission will help you to bounce back.

I set up goals for one and half month and another one for 3 months. Goal setting will help you to stay on course and measure your success.

You are Not in Comparison to anyone else but to Your own self. I would consider myself successful if I am growing every day, becoming better each day.

Domain and HOSTING

After writing five posts and creating pins for them, I got the hosting plan with SiteGround and installed the theme from ThemeForest. I switched over to Siteground last time and I was impressed with their customer service and the overall features.

Obviously, Site ground was my choice for hosting this time too. I recommend them with my whole heart, they are worth every penny spent.

Check the step by step guide to start a blog with SiteGround.

I would urge you to go for a mobile responsive theme because 70% of internet users are on a mobile phone. Always test your sites regularly on mobile as well as desktop.

Use simple fonts that are easy to read and look good on both desktop and mobile.

Font size matters, I can’t read small font and I don’t think nobody likes to focus too hard to read your post. Make it as easy as possible for your readers, don’t give them a chance to leave your site.


I created my Facebook Page and Facebook Groups while preparing for my blog launch. I also applied to many Facebook groups during this time. For a successful launch of your business, PROMOTION is a must. On the launch day, you want to have everything ready and just Promote, promote and promote.

If you want to SkyRocket your Blog Launch then you’ve to PROMOTE the heck out of your blog posts.

Else you wait for your blog to take off in the next 2-3 months. It doesn’t matter if you have an amazing content, email opt-in and beautiful website unless you tell the world about it. You can’t wait for readers to find your blog, you’ve to tell them about your blog. About your amazing content and the value that they’ll get from your blog.

Like many of us, I also believed in publishing great content and generating organic traffic, get the boost from Pinterest but all these sources of traffics take time. SEO is a long-term goal, it takes time to get backlinks, built your Domain Authority.

It takes time to build your presence on Pinterest as well but the sure shot way is Facebook groups.

Promote your links in every chance you get. Answers people’s questions, share your viewpoint, offer to help. I got a few sign-ups after I offered my suggestions, left a link to my post on facebook chat threads.

Have a few amazing posts that a newbie needs in your niche, some popular topic. If you are a New mom blogger then a blog post on how to make your baby sleep through the night would be a popular one.

For me, I wrote a few posts to provide answers to problems that I faced as a new blogger. I shared my experiences and expectations in my post. Try to input your experience that way you can infuse your uniqueness and make it more relatable.

Join as many Facebook groups as possible so that you have few groups to promote your content every day. I’m sure you can manage it for a few days to boost your launch because that’s what I did.


After getting everything in place, I launched my blog on the evening of 16th of March,  I didn’t want to wait any longer. I started pinning my 10 pins (2 pins for 5 posts) on my boards and group boards on Pinterest.

Check the first 3 days reports, 23 users with 87 pageviews.



Jumpstrat your Blog Launch

I started automatic pinning to group boards using Tailwind they offer 100 free pins to try so don’t forget to grab this deal.

Even though I had the Pinterest account set up but I knew that my pins will take some time to pick up so I started joining FB groups and promoted in every promo day, Win day, Introduction Day, Collaboration Day etc. Participated crazily in daily promo threads. I guess I only slept about 4 or 5 hours per night for the first two weeks.

But it was so worth it. My data says so. Every time I look at these numbers, I cry.

Seriously, last time this was a BIG Dream. I had no idea that I could reach these numbers. 3000+ page views in 12 days. It’s a Big thing for me.

Now that my pins are getting popular on Pinterest, the traffic from Pinterest has surpassed Facebook so I get to sleep now.


I realized that Promotion is a must for a successful launch – whether it is your blog or your product.

You have to make it visible to your potential subscribers and customers. I choose Facebook groups to Promote my blog and it paid off well.

The groups I ‘m talking about is not just normal promo day groups but mostly daily thread groups with the strict rule to complete your task.

I accidentally participated in one of them and then I realized how helpful it was. I promoted few of my valuable posts like this one and this one along with my opt-in and BOOM my email list, as well as traffic, took off greatly.

You can use these FB groups to increase your traffic, promote your product, or gain viewership to your new youtube videos. I know some of them are only there to complete the task and later unfollow but 50% do stick if you have a good content.

Get My Facebook Scheduler and Promote your BLOG to Success + Save lots of Time Every day.

BUT, before you start promoting make sure that you have your basics covered otherwise no promoting can launch your blog to success.


For any blogs to be a successful blog there are few basics points –

Blog Niche or Focus Area: Be clear about your Focus area, who are you writing for, how is your post going to make difference in your readers’ life. Don’t just write, write with the intention to solve your readers’ problem.

The number of Blog Post: It matters to have a good number of blog posts before you launch your blog. Ideally 10-15 but if you are starting with 5 then be ready with another 7-10 in the next few days.  Make sure your content is valuable and on the topics.

Hosting & Theme: Sign up for a good hosting company and install a mobile responsive theme. Your blog doesn’t have to be the most beautiful blog but it certainly needs to be NEAT, ClutterFree, Responsive and Easy to Navigate. Font size should be within 16-20 px depending on the font type.

I’m using SiteGround for hosting, you can click on referral link to sign up with them. Theme from Themeforest, they have huge collections of themes for every budget. My font size is 16px.

Email List: Have a sign-up form with opt-in in place from day one. If not opt-in then sign up button is must if you are planning to build your list. Malerlite is by far the easiest, simple and budget-friendly email provider. It’s free for 1000 subscribers. Click here to sign up with them.

Pinterest Account or Social media: Get your social media to account ready to go. In my case, my Pinterest account was ready with a few group boards and my own boards with description and keywords.

I use Tailwind to schedule my Pins with different group boards. It gives 100 free pins to try before you sign up.

To fulfill manual pinning strategy, I pin manually from group boards as well as from the home feed using Caryl’s technique from her very popular ebook – Pinterest Strategies.

Facebook Groups: I participate in Facebook groups every day to promote my blog and grow traffic. You can join my facebook group to network with other bloggers. Also, get my facebook scheduler to get the list of 50+ Facebook groups and their promo days schedule. It saves me lots of time.


Set your Expectation right: Blogging is lots of fun, satisfying and has huge earning potential but it also comes with Truckloads of hard work and perseverance. If you are blogging for the first time then please set your expectation right- you might not Hit JACKPOT from day one.

It takes some time to understand your audience and perfect your strategy. Somedays, it seems like a never-ending cycle of writing blog post, promoting posts, post pins, Pinterest, Instagram, facebook groups. emails etc, etc. It also feels like wrapping up everything and going back to 9-5 work, it’s your choice but please remember Blogging is DOABLE. The people who are earning in millions also started like you and me. Keep going and keep your expectation in place.

You can’t make money from day one, it’s not impossible but generally, it takes time.

Please NOTE: My two weeks stats of my blog lunch are from the learning and frustration of the last 6 months on the old blog.

I hope these tips will help you to plan your Blog Launch and make it successful. If you are already midway blogging but looking for some help then this tips will certainly help you to relaunch your blog.

These Facebook groups will help you in many ways if used properly like to generate more traffic, grow your youtube channel, email list and above all network with like-minded people to grow your Blog.

Please comment and let me know how is your blog launch going on? If you need any help, don’t hesitate to contact me or join my Facebook Community to network with me.


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21 thoughts on “Are you ready to SKYROCKET your Blog Launch?”

  1. Wow, your post is just what I needed! I’ve been working to improve the traffic to my blog so that I can justify the advertisements and affiliate links and get around to making money! I have just started a Pinterest account, so your pointers and tips will definitely come in handy! Thanks so much!

    1. I ‘m glad that you found value in my post. Pinterest is my number one source of traffic but Facebook Groups are very valuable and full of knowable bloggers.

  2. I definitely need to work on an email list. I have been putting it off, but I have heard from too many people that I really need one. Thanks for these other tips as well. I’m definitely going to put them to good use.

  3. These are great! Very helpful for all bloggers! We launched in February and are having trouble getting more page views. Will have to incorporate these tips and hopefully we will see a spike!

    1. Thanks Helen, I applied these strategies myself and I’m happy with the results. Hope you’ll get good results too.

  4. What great timing! I launched my blog TODAY with 4 posts. I’ve been blogging on my other site for years but I feel so new since this one hasn’t quite built a decent readership. I have to look into board booster, I am using tailwind but I feel BB has additional features I may need.

    1. Wow, Congratulations Shannon. That’s awesome. I’m sure you’ll rock it. You already have so much knowledge and for networking join, Social Media is at your disposal so many networks. I find Facebook groups very helpful. If you need any help, don’t hesitate to contact me.

  5. This is some of the best advice I’ve read. It’s realistic and shows how much work must go into a blog. I’ll definitely be using some of your tips.

    1. Thank You, Nicole. Blogging is definitely not an easy money making way. It takes lots of hard work and input. No doubt, the end results are beautiful but initially its all about giving your 100 %.

  6. Thank you for sharing your blogging adventure with us, from the lows of working hard for six months with little return on your time investment to the highs of success with your second blog. It’s always great to learn from one another!

    1. Thank you, Denay. Sometimes failure teaches you a lot. I totally agree with you, it’s indeed great to learn from one another.

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