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Niche or No Niche, How to find Blog Niche?

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Blog niche is one of the most important things to know before starting a blog. Many bloggers fail because they choose a wrong niche or is unclear about their blog niche. Choose a topic that you enjoy, would be able to talk about it for a long time as blogging is a long-term process. You need to write a lot of content to establish your authority and remain interesting.


Different groups of bloggers have different thoughts on it.

In general, most bloggers start a niche blog because that’s how things have been and its easier to establish your authority if you focus on one niche or topic. Your blog looks more professional and you are taken seriously.

There is another group, though less in numbers who believe that a blog doesn’t need a niche or niche down but a  focus on providing solutions to the problems. Some of these bloggers are earning a full-time income.

Blog Niche is indeed a MILLION DOLLAR question and you want to get this sorted before you start your blog. You really want to get this right.

Ok, so before I delve into these different school of thoughts and start my story. Let’s take a sneak peek into blog niche. What the hell is this blog niche and what’s the fuss about it?

Blog Niche



What is a blog niche?

Blog Niche is your area of interest or topic that you want to blog about. It could be personal finance, parenting, recipes, Fashion, health & fitness or really anything that you want to write about.


What are you good at, Your Passion, Interest??

Make a list of topics that interest you. Things that you are good at and can talk about for months and can see yourself writing about at length. Think of your passions, your hobbies, It’s the topic that you search online and keep yourself updated.

You must be thinking, here it comes, the same lines. Everybody talks about the same thing when it comes to finding/deciding a niche. Follow your Passion, Follow your interest blah blah blah….

I get it, I read a lot about Niche myself because this was one thing I was so unsure of or should I rather say had so many options, LOL.

Are you feeling like me??? When I started my old blog ( yeah, I did one last year and it BOMBED Miserably) “NICHE” was one thing that bothered me a lot and eventually ate my blog.

Almost every post I read, talked about following your passion, your interest, something that you can talk about for months. I totally understand the meaning of these now but as a New Blogger, it was very confusing. How to define the boundary of your Niche?

How will I know if my niche is profitable or not? Should I go for a popular niche which everybody is following or should I be exquisite and select something very unique? There were so many questions.

Literally, I spend a lot of time in confusion state. I love Knitting and crochet but I know nothing about earning money from it except for creating products. With a full-time job and two kids, I knew that I wouldn’t be able to create more than 4-5 products per year and that didn’t look very tempting.

So even though Knitting/Crocheting are my interest but I cannot talk about it for months. Passion or interest alone is not sufficient to select a Niche.

Hence, I started my blog on Healthy living and work from home, but for a few major reasons, it failed. You can read about it here.

How to Find your Blog Niche?

Only passion is not important to decide a niche. You also need to find out if your niche is popular and profitable? Are there any readers in your niche? What can you do for your readers? How can you solve their problem? Every person that visits your blog is looking for a solution to their problem. Can you provide them with the solution they are looking for?

How to Find Profitable Niches?

Well, here I’ll take the inspiration from many pro bloggers who have already answered this question.

There are few niches which are extremely popular and easy to make money with, these are:-

  • Personal Finance
  • Mum blogs/ parenting
  • Health & Fitness
  • Fashion /Beauty
  • Blog about Blogging (money)
  • Food
  • Lifestyle
    • Home Decor
    • DIY/Crafts
    • Organization
    • Travel

So combining your passion and interest with one these profitable niche or sub-niches would be a way to start. If you are not happy with your niche then you can always rebrand your blog.  Add more to your niche or narrow down further depending on your readers’ interest but for all that you need to take that first Step- START A BLOG.

You’ll only learn about what’s working and what needs to be done when you start your blog. You won’t be able to figure out everything by just planning it in your head. So, its imperative to start your blog and evolve as you go.


Niche or No Niche???

Now coming back to the elephant in the room- Niche or No Niche ???

Honestly speaking there is no definite answer. Everybody has their own definition and way to present their work.

If you know your stuff and present it properly then you’ll be successful whether it’s a niche blog or nicheless.

The main thing to note here is YOU as a presenter, writer, and creator of the blog has to be convinced of your choice. There’ll be many instances when you’ll be told that your topics are not matching or niche is not specified. Talking from my own experience, if you are not convinced by your choice then you won’t be able to convince your readers.

We already know about niche and how to start a blog on one of the profitable niches. But what happens if you are not able to decide on a niche and want to write about different topics???

You can absolutely do that.

Here’s how you do it: Bundle similar topics in a group and create an Umbrella Category to streamline your blog. Find a common link between different topics and make that your selling point.

MelyssaGriffin has explained this process very nicely in her post, read it here.

Bloggers who run nicheless blog believes in Blog focus – focusing on providing a solution to a problem rather than talking about just one topic. I did say that it’s a great way to go about it.

One of the most successful nicheless blogs is Chasing Foxes. Grace & Silas from Chasing foxes write on every niche that is available and they earn a good income. The main mission of their blog is to provide a solution to a problem. Their focal point is to address WIIFM (what’s in it for me).

Again, it’s your blog and there is no hard and fast rule that your niche cannot evolve. Yes, you can write about whatever the hell you want, it’s your blog, your business.

There are many successful lifestyle blogs which write about many topics at the same time but these topics are somewhat related. Many companies started their journey by writing about bigger niche and as they discovered their readers, narrow down their niche to match their readers’ interest.

Few things to remember if Going Nicheless

  • It’ll take some time to build your audience
  • Creating your own product is limited, most lifestyle bloggers end up creating how to blog product.
  • Building your authority will take some time
  • Care should be taken not go overboard with your choice of topics. There should be something in common between different topics.
  • Provide useful content along with your personal posts
  • Build a relationship with your readers, getting your readers to trust and interest is a surefire way to keep them coming back. Be a friend.
  • Share a relatable story, be human don’t be fake, flawless, ET.



Bursting a few Myths about Niche

There are a few things that I want to clear about Blog Niche. I see that many new bloggers are paralyzed by Niche selection and some even give up their dream of starting a blog as they are not sure about their Niche.

Let me clear some doubts here:-

  • You can always EVOLVE your NICHE

I know that it’s important to choose your Niche properly but it’s not a like a permanent marker. You can always spread the boundaries of your niche or narrow it down depending on your readers; interest as well as your experience.

There are many bloggers who felt that they have more to say than just the topic they are covering or their audience would be benefitted by addition of another topic so they evolved their niche.

Similarly, some bloggers realized that their readers were more interested in a particular topic so they narrow down their niche.

Google Analytics will help you to figure out your readers’ interest. Check what type of blog posts are attracting visitors to your site and start producing more in-depth content on that topic.

  • Follow your Passion

In deciding niche, follow your passion is so overrated, I simply hate it. What if you have so many passions or your passion is not feasible to blog about???

If you are blogging for hobby or to interact with your family and friends then you can blog about any damn thing in your life. you can follow your passion, hop your passions every few months no big deal. BUT, but if you are blogging to make money then only passion is not going to make it happen.

You need to figure out if your blog niche is profitable. Can you earn income from your blog? In short, it should be a combination of a bit of a passion and more of the popularity of the niche.

  • The Niche is saturated

Many new bloggers think that some niches are oversaturated and there is no chance to make money. I would say if there are many big bloggers in a particular niche means that it’s a profitable niche. Another thing, not all readers are going to follow big bloggers. For you to be successful, you just need a few dedicated followers. Focus on them and rest will follow.

  • You have to be Unique

Let me make this very clear to you that there is nothing called Unique niche and Unique content. Everything that you can think of has been taken and shaken. Every topic has been explored, dissected and presented. So, the best way to go about your blogging journey is to use the tried and tested one. Present a popular topic in your style, add your personality and make it interesting. This is the only way to be unique.


Few Points to Take Home

  • You can blog about anything, niche or no niche, provided you provide valuable content to your readers.
  • If you are a lifestyle blogger then don’t go overboard with topics and find a common thread to connect all your topics together.
  • Build a relationship with your readers and nurture  them
  • Passion alone is not enough to decide your niche, you need to find out if it’s profitable.
  • You can always evolve or narrow down your niche.

I hope this post will help you to decide your niche or no niche blog journey. Enough said, now its time to implement it.

Go start your blog and see how your readers respond to your niche. If you’re not happy with your niche then rebrand it or add some topics, or remove some. Focus on providing value to your readers. Rest’ll fall in place itself.

Happy Blogging:-) If you need help then don’t hesitate to contact me: or join my Facebook Community.


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17 thoughts on “Niche or No Niche, How to find Blog Niche?”

  1. I think having a niche can be helpful because you know how to market it easier, and it might be a good way to make more money. At the same time, I like blogs that focus on various topics because it’s more interesting to me. 🙂


    1. You are spot on Lauren. It’s possible to make money in lifestyle blog but it’s going to take more time than a niche blog.

  2. I actually disagree with the idea of going niche-less and strongly believe that even lifestyle blogs are niche. In fact, I have multiple posts on exactly how to niche a lifestyle blog. Niche doesn’t mean you write about one topic and one topic only, it means you write everything from the same angle and toward the same goal for the same audience.

    1. Hey Ashley, Thank you for the new angle. Like I said as long as your content is helpful whether you are running a niche or no niche blog, it doesn’t matter.

  3. This has great advice! My friend and I have so many passions that a lifestyle blog just made sense. I think as long as you write what you love, others will want to read.

  4. I’ve always called myself a lifestyle blogger because I blog about a myriad of things that are important to my life. Whether or not that’s true I don’t know but lifestyle works for me.

  5. I feel like my blog has a niche with a few sub-categories that I plan on working on focusing on. When I first started out, I wasn’t too sure what I wanted to write about so I just wrote what I felt like writing about. In turn, my niche started molding because they were still in the same loose category. I plan on working on making it more clear this year.

    1. Hey Tabitha, you are on a right path. Most of us start like that with few topics in mind and as we produce more content and start understanding our readers’ perspective, we’ll be able to narrow down our focus. Good Luck and let me know if you need any help.

  6. I consider myself a lifestyle blogger because I blog on different topics. I feel like my blog is always evolving and changing because I am. From an income standpoint that might not be the best thing but my main goal is to help people. If profit follows that would be a bonus. I have many passions so it’s hard to pick one or two topics. And my interests are always growing and evolving.

    1. You are not the only one Christina, we all evolve and grow with experiences in life and I believe Our blog should too. If you blog with a Primary goal of providing helpful and interesting content to your readers, you’ll definitely make money- sooner or later. Good Luck & create more fun in the online world.

  7. Hi very nice article keep it up the good work Wonderful!! Thank you for posting informative blog. Your posts are more interesting and informative

    1. Thank You Kent, trying my best to provide value to my readers. I’m glad that you found it interesting and informative.

  8. For me, I will go for niche because it’s easy to manage and update. If you’re good and unique in your niche, you can be an authority site which everybody will use as the reference.

    1. I agree with your Zaini, I also found that it’s easier to focus on Niche blog and as you said also helps to establish domain authority faster. Thanks for your input.

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