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37 Blogging Tips for New Bloggers

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Are you a new blogger trying to understand the blogging world? Are you feeling overwhelmed by the overload of information present online and need some quick blogging tips to grow your blog?

Don’t worry, you are not alone. We all went through the same process and the best thing is that it will get better and you’ll outgrow all of it.

When I started my blog last year I was super confused and didn’t know which lead to follow. That’s why I am sharing these 37 blogging tips that I have learned after starting two blogs.

While going through these blog launch phase I so wished for a reference /guide where I could get instant tips.

So here I’m sharing my 37 blogging tips for New Bloggers as well as seasoned bloggers!


Blogging tips



This post contains affiliate links. Please see full disclosure for more information.


You can blog about the whole world, anything, and everything but if you are planning to make a successful blog, a blog that makes money then you need to focus on a topic.

Find a niche or topic that you can write about for months, a topic that interests you and is profitable too.

This is one of the most important things to know before starting a blog. Many bloggers fail because they choose the wrong niche or is unclear about it.

Choose a topic that you enjoy, would be able to talk about it for a long time as blogging is a long-term process. You need to write a lot of content to establish your authority and remain interesting.

Not having clarity of your Niche/focus area is one of the major reasons for many blogs failure.


2. Research & Planning

Once you know your focus point or the niche that you want to blog about, start researching more about it. See what topics are popular in your niche. What kind of audience is there?

Is there any successful blog or website in your niche, if so, then stalk them…check their social media account, read their blog post and try to network with them.

Find out which social media account is beneficial for your niche, for example, food, travel, crafty blogs look very nice on Instagram as they are very visual, colorful and appealing. Similarly, VA, B2B blogs are better off having an account on LinkedIn.

So depending on your niche, you can choose your social media platform

Plan your content, create your social media, plan your strategy.

Research tools and applications that you need to run your blog

Check the tools and resources that I use to run my blog.


3. Be Clear about Your Audience

As much as we want the whole world to read our blog post and visit our blog but it’s not practical and ideal.

If you are blogging with the goal to make it successful and not just as a hobby then have clarity about your audience.

Finding your Niche goes a long way in giving you clarity about your audience. Write valuable content to solve your target audience problem.

If your target audience is a new mum then you are better off writing about pregnancy, breastfeeding, colic baby, baby gears, etc. Anything that makes the life of a new mum better. if you are passionate about technical stuff and wants to review a new phone then I don’t think it will be well received by your audience.

You know what I mean??? You need to be focused on your target audience and carter to solve their issue.

Like for example, my target audience is a new blogger. Through my blog, I am trying to make blogging journey of a new blogger simple and straightforward. It is also called Mission of your Blog.

But all of a sudden, if I write about breastfeeding and summer activities for kids then it won’t go well with my target audience.


4. Set your Goal

Goal setting is very important and I learned it hard way.

Goal setting helps you to access your progress. It helps you to focus on your positive points and work on negative points.

Achieving goals keeps you motivated and focus that’s why having short goals are important as it’s easy to achieve and doesn’t have to wait for a long time.

Long-term goals build your foundation and set you on a successful path.


5. Set Your Expectation Right

Blogging is not quick and Easy money making schemes.

It takes lots and lots of hard work to make it work and of course, it’s a long journey. There are few bloggers who have hit the jackpot within a few weeks of blogging but it’s not a regular case.

I made few affiliate sales within 6 weeks of blogging and earned a few bucks as well. Check my first income report here. But I am not a newbie blogger, this is my 2nd Blog.

I have six months of experience where I went through all the newbie bloggers syndrome and learned my lessons.

So, if you are completely new to blogging then don’t fret if your pageview is not 1000 Pv per month. It takes time.

Learn whatever you could and focus on things that you are good at. Take one step at a time. It’s going to be tough and you feel like giving up but DON”T.

I assure you as you learn more and start writing valuable content, things will fall into place.

Make a plan to fix your weak points and be reasonable, be realistic.

Stay positive and write good content, helpful content and Stay Focused.

Sometimes, it’s hard and it takes time. Let’s face it.

With the recent Pinterest update, my traffic dipped by almost half and it took me a while to get back and still working on it. So, things happen and sometimes it might not go according to your plan.

Don’t give up.


6. Don’t waste too much time on your Blog Name

Your blog name, wow!! That is how the world is going to know about your blog. What do you want to call it?

What amazing story should it have? After all, it’s the identity of your blog?

How much time should you spend researching your blog name?

You want to make sure that it instantly hits people and make them curious. Make your blog super popular!

Sorry for being so mean but your blog name means nothing. Nobody bothers about knowing about the background story unless your blog is super popular. And to make your blog super popular, you gotta write super valuable content.

In short, don’t waste any time on your blog domain name, not more than a day.

There are many popular businesses whose name have no meaning but it became a meaning in itself like Google, Sony, IKEA.

Another easy way to come up with a blog name is to use your own name.


 7. Choose a reliable hosting company

I started my old blog with Bluehost but after few months I started having issues then I switched over to Siteground (they give one free migration) and hands down it’s the best things that I did to my blog.

When I started this blog, naturally my one and the only choice was Siteground. They are straightforward with a price unlike Bluehost which says $2.65 per month but it’s on 3 years contract. I don’t want to commit to three years contract, especially with Bluehost. And, who knows in three years you might be needing a bigger plan for your blog.

The siteground yearly plan is far reasonable then Bluehost and above all their services are superb. I’m not saying this because I’m an affiliate to SiteGround but I use SiteGround and I love their services.

Their 24X7 Customer services are super helpful. They are available on Live Chat that means you don’t have to make a call.

They have data centers on three continents which makes their services super fast and they do provide 99% uptime.

Sign up start your hosting with SiteGround.

If you don’t have a host or a blog yet, you can also check my step by step tutorial on how to start a profitable blog.


8. Select a popular blogging platform

I have heard many people asking this question on facebook groups. They are confused about WordPress. org and

Both of them are blogging platform, is free but don’t smile yet, it’s free for a reason.

Yes, it’s free and because of that, it has many limitations. You cannot customize your blog, you cannot monetize using ads.

Whereas is not free, you need hosting company like SiteGround to host this platform but at a $3.95 /mo you get a fully customizable platform. There are so many extra features and plugins(accessories) all free for WordPress.Org platform.

80% of the blogs and websites use platform so you have thousands of free resources available online.

Hence, if you are planning to start a blog and monetize it in the future then go with WordPress.Org.

With SiteGround, WordPress is a 1-minute installation job.

Some people are also using Square and Wix but it’s not as flexible as I have never used these platforms so can’t comment more than this.


9. Mobile Responsive Theme

Mobile phones are the handiest objects to access the internet these days.  There are more mobile phones than laptops which means that it is very important to have your website load properly on the mobile phone.

Choose themes that are mobile responsive and SEO optimized. Mobile users are always on the go, they don’t have time to wait for a website to load.

A mobile responsive theme can make a huge difference in your site load time and user experience.

I’m using a theme from Themeforest which is beautiful and mobile responsive. Theme forest has a huge range of themes and landing pages for different niches.

Click to install a beautiful theme from ThemeForest here.

You can also use free themes, there are tons of free themes on WordPress but be careful and don’t waste time to change it every time.

Free themes have limited customization options and because it’s free you don’t mind replacing it with another free one and again customizing your site and this goes on and on as you’ll not find the desired look of your blog.

This is exactly what I did last time, ha, ha, ha.  In six months of blogging, I changed about 10-15 themes thus wasting my valuable time.

StudioPress, Restore 316 and Pretty Darn Cute Theme have amazing themes both feminine and professionals.


10. Produce Valuable Content

So far, we talked about getting ready, setting up your hosting, platform, and mindset.

Now, let’s talk about the Key Ingredient – Blog Content.

Content is still the King and the more valuable and helpful your contents are, better it is for your blog.

If you are able to address your readers pain point then you are on the right path.

But, how to find out what are your readers pain points? Where’ll you get this info?

The answer is Facebook groups. If you want to know what is the hot topic in the blogging world or get the latest updates in the blogging world then join facebook groups.

Here I have a list of 50 Facebook groups with their weekly promo schedule.

Pinterest is another platform which is very popular among bloggers and you get a whole lot of information there too.

You can get ideas about your next blog post, future content ideas, other successful bloggers content discovery, etc on Pinterest.


blogging tips to grow your blog to business


11. Be unique, Be Authentic

What if I tell you that there is no uniqueness in blogging? Every day thousands of people start a blog around the world and every available topic have been explored and written about.

There are so many blogs on money making, SEO, Lifestyle, journal, and everybody is writing on the same topic so how come I am talking about uniqueness.

The uniqueness is not on the topic but in the way you present it.

Add your personality to your writing style. Be yourself, find your voice.

I know, initially you might sound like the last blog post you read but as you write more and more,  you become more experienced and you’ll discover your voice.

Present the same topic in your angle, in your voice which is unique. That’s the uniqueness I’m talking about.


12. Blog Consistently

Blogging Consistency will help you to stay on track and set a habit. It is very important to blog consistently to publish great content and get your blog post number up.

Initially, when you don’t have enough content, to attract more visitors you have to create quality content consistently. It not only helps you to form a good writing habit but it also makes you good in front of Google-SEO and of course your readers.

It’s easier to promote your blog when you have more posts, your readers will stay longer on your bog as there are so many awesome contents to explore. More content means more traffic, more sale, more money.

Consistency also helps you to continue your momentum. It keeps you motivated and helps you come up with many creative ideas.

 13. Consider your Blog as your Business

Blogging is one of the lowest investment business but there are a few things you must invest to have a good start.

Last time, I was under the impression that if I can get it for free then why not?

Apart from hosting and making sense of affiliate marketing course, I didn’t invest in anything.

You need to remember that you are the biggest asset of your blog/biz so it’s important to invest in improving your skills and knowledge.

You can definitely take the free route like I did last time but then don’t expect any massive growth for the next few months or years.

Free courses are free for a reason. It only gives you basic ideas but to accelerate your growth you have to invest in good courses, upgrade your skills.

A good course can give a huge boost and save lots of time and sanity. One such life-changing course I took that helped me in shaping my blogging style and helped me to come back with flying color is Dare To Conquer

It’s totally different than any courses that are available online. It’s actually a community where Scrivs- the creator shares all his techniques and things that worked for him through live video, course and of course live chat room. You can ask him questions directly and there are so many other members who are doing really well & available for help.

Scrivs runs multiple successful blogs like – thrive/strive, He is no bull-shit, straightforward blogger, and a very genuine mentor.

You must check his 12 day Free Blogging Bootcamp. Try it for 12 days and see you like to be mentored by him.

Investing in yourself is investing in your business. It’s a must if you want to see yourself achieving success faster.

If You already know about him and thinking of joining him then Click HERE to be a part of an Awesomeness and Grow as a Blogger.


14. Build your Traffic source

Traffic is the lifeline of a blog. You have to decide how you want to draw traffic to your site.

Most beginner bloggers want to expand their reach as much as possible because they are eager to grow their blog and start making money. I am guilty of that too.

But the best way is to be good at two or three social media platforms and know it in and out.

The beginning phase is super busy one and you are getting used to so many different things plus there are millions of things to do so don’t make your life super complicated by trying to learn everything at the same time.

Pick one, know it well and then start with another one. After all, you have a life apart from your blog.

I started with Pinterest and Facebook and now trying to learn Twitter.


15.Facebook Groups

If you have an online business then online presence is a must and what better than facebook.

For all online entrepreneur, Facebook groups are like an online hangout place. A place to meet other bloggers and learn from one another.

It’s a place to promote your blog post, Social media account, collaborate and drive traffic to your blog.

Facebook groups are your Encyclopedia – there are bloggers from all over the world blogging on different niches at different stages.  If you are stuck somewhere, then, of course, another blogger can help you better then anyone else.

You can also create your business page on Facebook so that you can communicate with your readers as well as promote your own content without any restrictions and also share other helpful content from fellow bloggers.

You can join my facebook group: Dream Big & Blog Hard. 

Facebook Groups

16. Pinterest

Do I need to say more about Pinterest?? This is the most loved platform of almost all the bloggers because it’s their primary source of traffic (for almost 80% of blogs).

Pinterest is a search engine with a bit of a social platform. You need to create a business account to get the most out of Pinterest for your blog.

Pins are your bridge that takes the visitors from Pinterest to your blog. So creating a beautiful and attractive pin is must to be successful on Pinterest.

Learn how to create a successful Pinterest account with step by step tutorial from this post.


17. Group Board on Pinterest

The Secret magic of Pinterest happens on the group boards. Group boards are boards that are open to collaboration which means many pinners add their pins to group boards so that the followers of that account see those pins, more visibility or your pins.

It is advisable to join as many group boards as possible in your niche so that you pin get extra exposure.

When you are just starting out on Pinterest you will not have many followers as well as your account is not established so if you pin appears in the group boards of an established account, it has better chances of getting seen by other pinners.

When applying to a group board, please follow the instructions on the board.

I have three group boards open to collaboration and if you want to contribute then please follow the instructions as below, step by step.

  1. Follow my account (mandatory)
  2. Email me with your Pinterest Username
  3. Tell me the board name that you want to contribute.

People email me asking to join my group boards with no other information like group board name, their Pinterest username and if they have followed my account.

Please remember that joining a group is in the best interest of yours so don’t make group board owner do the work.

Most bloggers are very busy and they hardly have time to go through your account and match your niche with the boards they have or go through the followers’ list and find out your Pinterest username.

I have heard many new bloggers, on Facebook groups, complain about not getting any reply from group owners after applying to their group boards.

I bet they are not doing their homework properly and waiting for group board owner to figure it out.

Please respect other’s time and send an email with full info. Some big bloggers are very busy and their inbox is inundated with so many emails so it’s likely that they could miss your email. If you don’t hear back then try after a few weeks.

Another chance of not getting accepted as a contributor could be that your account may be incomplete or looks doggy.

Before applying for a group board make sure that you have at least 10-15 personal boards and they have at least 20-30 legit pins.

Nobody wants to add some spammy looking account as a contributor to their group board.


18 Pinning – both automatic and manual

Traffic from Pinterest is all about Pinning pins on boards and group boards. Join many niche specific group boards and start pinning. Ideally, it calls to pin 50-70 pins per day.

Wow, 50-70 pins per day??? I know that means you’ll be stuck to your laptop or mobile but there is a solution – Tailwind. It’s an automatic pin scheduler that makes your life super simple.

I use Tailwind to pin about 55+ pins per day and I also pin manually 10-20 pins per day.

I would suggest you use a combination of both automatic and manual pinning for better chances of increasing your Pinterest traffic.

There is an amazing ebook by Carly from Mommy on purpose on manual pinning. It’s worth a read to learn about manual pinning strategies and Pinterest as a whole. Trust me, I learned a lot about Pinterest and how to use Google Analytics to find popular pins and many more from this ebook. This book is worth every penny.


19. Choose Social Media that match your Niche

blogging tips

Apart from Facebook and Pinterest, there are other famous platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, Quora, Stumbleupon, Google+, LinkedIn and more.

For example, if you are a B2B content writer then it makes sense to have a strong profile on LinkedIn because that’s where most of your future audiences are.

Similarly, for DIY, Crafty, Food, Photographers Instagram is an amazing platform.

So depending on your niche choose your social media platform.


20. Focus on SEO/Google juice

SEO is a long-term plan but so worth it.  Your blog post has more life if it SEO optimized.

Above all, SEO ( Google ) is the mother of all platforms so it makes sense to make your blog post SEO focused. But don’t forget your first priority is your blog audience.

No doubt, Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram are amazing platforms but ever now and then they go through a change in algorithm and everything changes.

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Diversify your traffic source- Social platform, email list, SEO and your collaborations like a guest post.

Yoast SEO is a free WordPress plugin that will help you to begin with SEO.

21. Email List

If you are planning to earn income from your blog then start building your email list from day one.

An email list is the only thing that is yours.

The people on your list are one who likes your work and gave you permission to email them.

Subscribers are real. They read your post, liked it, impressed by your opt-in offer and signed up for it. So, a relationship has been built, rest it depends on you, how your nature them.

Unlike Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram or other social media account where you have very less to none control over their rules and terms, you have full control over your email list.

You can decide when what and how you want to email your subscribers? You are not bound by any terms or conditions.


22. Create Amazing Opt-in

Since the email list is so important so how do we go about building it fast? What do we need apart from valuable content?

The answer is Email Opt-in.

Create an opt-in that is best suited for your audience and provides value to them.

If you offer free printable in a health and fitness niche then it’s not going to work but if you offer it to DIY, craft or organization audience then it’ll be a hit.

So, create freebies that suits your topic and readers.

Another valuable tip is – please provide valuable freebies.

Thinking that it’s free so why bother wasting so much time and energy is a wrong approach.

It’s like burning the bridge that leads your readers to your Email list.

Here are a few examples of Opt-in that you can offer:-

  • Spreadsheet with a long list of groups or product info like I did.
  • PDF
  • eBook
  • Email Courses
  • Printables
  • Password protected resource page


23. Best Place to keep you Opt-in form

To grow your email list faster, there are a few places where you must place your opt-in

  • Header,
  • Within a blog post
  • At the end of the post
  • Sidebar
  • Pop-up
  • Footer

Header or top of your site is the best place to place your opt-in to grow your email list faster. It’s the first thing that your readers see.

I use MalerLite as an email service provider. They offer up to 1000 free subscribers and for a free account, their customer service is amazing and available 24X7. They have awesome templates and knowledge base.

It’s super easy to use and above all It’s FREE.

24. Site Speed

Do you know how important is your site load time? A site that loads faster has a better chance of converting readers into customers than a slow site.

Your valuable content, expensive theme, beautiful images, amazing pop-ups, and other accessories will not get a chance to impress the audience if your website is slow. If you are planning to gain organic traffic, impress Google then improving your website speed should be your priority.

A website that loads faster means great user experience, better conversion. If you want to Grow your Business then improve your website speed. Sign up with reliable hosting companies like SiteGround, they are the best.

25. Be Helpful, Networking

Blogging is all about helping each other. Almost all the blogger is going to tell you one thing in unison that blogging is all about providing helpful content to make your readers’ life easier.

To be successful in social media, you have to be social and helpful. Don’t wait for people to do something for you then only you’ll return the favor. Be the one to start it.

If you help others and promote their stuff then they’ll return the favor too. I have experienced this myself and I try to make sure that I return the favor.

My traffic sources are Pinterest and Facebook Groups. I participate in lots of facebook promo groups and they have helped me a lot from increasing my traffic to growing Pinterest followers.


26. Google Analytics

Google Analytics is one of the most important tools to your blog success. You can get information about your page views, sessions, total user per day, month or year.

You can find out which post is driving traffic to your site and which social media account to focus on etc.

These numbers are very important, to understand your blog progress and to prepare for your next move. What if the numbers you see in the report are not correct?

We want the report to display the correct numbers of users that visited our site, pages viewed by them. If these numbers are not correct then we’ll get a different picture of our blog and end up creating a strategy that might not work for our blog.


27. Awesome blogging tip- Promote Promote Promote

Don’t be scared to self-promote your work.

Blogging is 20% writing valuable content and 80% promoting it.

Yes, the main work starts after publishing the post. This is when Pinterest and Facebook and other social media come in the picture.

Use your social media account to promote your work. The Facebook group runs different promotion threads, participate in them and help other bloggers so that you get help from them.

Remember, blogging is all about helping and growing together.


25 Free Ways to Promote Your Blog Post


28. Don’t shy away from making money concept from day one

No doubt, creating a valuable content that solves your audience problem is the foundation stone of any blog but what is in it for me – the blogger?

Of course, satisfaction alone cannot pay your household bill so start exploring making money option through your blog from day one.

As a blogger there are different ways to make money blogging, these are:-

  • Displaying Ads
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Selling digital products
  • Offering Services
  • Membership/ subscriptions
  • Renting space for Ads
  • Sponsor post
  • Creating your own products

As a beginner, you won’t be able to do most of these but have a plan and start thinking about it.


For a beginner blogger, this is the easiest way to make money from their blog. There are few ads network that accepts bloggers at any level with no traffic criteria.

The two most popular ones are Google Ads and Media Net.

If you are a food blogger or write about recipes then you can also join Gourmet Ads. They’ll set up everything for you.

Both these ad networks accept new blogs. Traffic is not a criterion but you need to have a Privacy page and your blog needs to look authentic. No adult content or violence.

When I applied for google ads, I had 6 posts.  About me, contact me & Privacy page was set up with correct information.

If you want to know more about making money with your blog at any level then I would recommend an eBook – Make Money Blogging at any stage by Victoria from A Modern Homestead.

She makes about $4500/mo from her small blog and she shares her secret about making money and how and where to place ads and affiliate links. She also talks about different affiliate networks, some of which are applicable to new bloggers. I learned a lot about different affiliate network and ways to make money from this ebook.

Check how to get quick approval from Google Adsense



Affiliate marketing is when you share another person’s product link on your website and then receive a commission for any purchases made through your link.

First and foremost, gain the trust of your audience by creating valuable content. Content that helps them solve their problem. See content plays a major role in your blog success. This is the groundwork for success in Affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is not just dropping a referral link in your blog post. It takes far more than that.

If your readers trust you then they’ll trust your recommendation as well.

Don’t Break that Trust for a few dollars. This is very important if you want to be in this blogging business for long then be genuine and be honest.

Only recommend those products and services that you have used yourself or know for sure that it’s worth every penny.

The easiest way to become an affiliate marketer is to promote tools and services that you use such as your web blog hosting, social media automation tool, email marketing service and more.


31. Few Affiliate Network that accepts New bloggers

The iGain affiliate network is the #1 affiliate network for market research offers, holding many exclusive high converting offers. They work with companies like Harris POll, Ebates, Live sample and more. Once you sign up to become an affiliate you’ll get a dedicated campaign coordinator. Their platform is very easy to understand and above all, they have popular, high converting companies.

Amazon: They have criteria that you need to make three sales within 6 months of becoming an affiliate otherwise your contract will be canceled.


CJ sales (Commission Junction)


Sephora: Beauty Affiliate Network

Rakuten Marketing


14 Best Affiliate Programs for bloggers in any Niche


32. Follow your Role model

blogging tips

Blogging is a BIG learning curve and sometimes it can get too much and your mind goes BLANK.

I mean it, sometimes you run out of ideas or come to a dead end, now what?

The answer is to turn to your favorite blog for inspirations. I am sure you have fa ew favorite blogs that you visit because you like their writing style and content. if not, then start following fa ew amazing bloggers in your Niche- both Big and Small.

If you are not sure about opt-in ideas then check a few blogs on your Niche and see what are they offering? Can you add more to it or get the idea and built on it?

Sign up for their newsletter and see how they interact with their readers. Ask questions and they’ll definitely reply.

You can also email the blogger and ask if you want to know something, in particular, most of the blogger do reply and help.


33. Best blogging tips-Be genuine

Be genuine and transparent as it goes a long way. Even though blogging is all online and maybe we hardly meet face to face but a pretentious face cannot go for long.

I would rather like to connect with somebody who is a real human being like me, bit messy, not always picture perfect, who makes blunders, burns food sometimes.

Be genuine in your writing style because that’s is what sets you apart from the sea of bloggers. Be genuine in building a relationship with your readers or role model.


34. Nurture your audience, be there for them

Your audience is the key reason your blog is there, so nurture them. Apart from creating valuable content you also have to build a tribe where all the members are loyal to you.

How do you do that? Of course by being there for them first.

By replying to your blog readers queries, replying to their comments, ask them to join your community. Give some special to your community- like facebook live, weekly live Q&A sessions, free blog audit and more.

Be a friend who cares, not the one who only says “Hi” when she publishes her blog post.


blogging tips 37

35. Don’t Be Afraid to Experiment

As a new blogger don’t be scared to experiment. If a particular strategy is not working then try a new strategy.

Get out of your comfort zone and explore a new avenue. You are yet to establish your blog, understand your audience so if whatever you are doing is not bringing readers to your blog then change it.

If your pin is not doing well then try new pin design. Change your pin colors and pinning strategy. If regular traffic source is not showing any love then venture into new ones related to your niche.

Blogging is all about experimenting. Good Luck!


36. Have Patience & Relax

I hear many new bloggers getting nervous about not getting enough audience or making money from their blog within a few weeks of starting it.

Blogging is like raising a child. You need to have some patience. You cannot expect your newborn baby to start talking from day one.

If you are a brand new blogger then it’s going to take some time to see the growth. It all depends on your niche, how well you’ve done your planning and research, the number of blog posts, Pinterest reach, social media presence and your overall understanding of the blogging community.

If you have implemented a new strategy then give it some time. Have patience. Success is not overnight.

My dear, Newbie Blogger, Relax and concentrate on creating interesting content and building a strong foundation in the first six months.

On average, it takes about 6 months to see your blog grow.

I saw big growth in my pageview and made some money as well within a few weeks of starting this blog but please remember that this is not my First blog.


37. A comparison is a thief of Joy

Don’t compare your journey with somebody else’s. You don’t know what he/she is going through. You don’t know their story.

If you really want to compare then compare with yourself, your yesterday. Is your today better then your Yesterday, if yes, then you are successful?

Enjoy your small wins as that’ll keep you motivated and going.

Enjoy your journey. Learn from your Failure and don’t be hard on yourself.

Make a Positive Mindset your new BFF. It will help you forever.

Be realistic and set realistic goals.

If you’re a new mum and a newbie blogger then don’t set a goal of publishing a blog post a day. It’s not possible unless you have a few people to take care of your house and the baby.

So, a realistic expectation would be one post a week or in two weeks.

Instead, enjoy your motherhood, stay healthy and then think about your blog. By the way, when I had my first child, I hardly got to sleep and eat properly.



Pheeww!! There you go, 37 blogging tips to make your blogging journey simple, less frustrating and straightforward. whenever you are in doubt just go through this list and I’m sure it’ll help you to clear your doubt.

Before I sign off, I would like to reiterate a few important blogging tips again, they are:-

  1. Blogging is not easy, it a huge learning curve and you need to focus on your own journey
  2. Planning and research will help you a lot to take your blog to success from day one
  3. Be clear about your Niche/ Focus area. It will help you to define your target audience and create interesting content
  4. blog post matters during the launch time.
  5. Social media plays a huge role in your blog success
  6. You are the biggest asset of your blog/biz so invest in upgrading your skills and knowledge
  7. Always think about your audience, nurture them, be there for them
  8. Network and collaborate with other bloggers
  9. Have Patience, Relax and Enjoy your Journey
  10. Positive Mindset will take you to different heights. Know your Why?

So, my dear fellow bloggers, apply these blogging tips in your daily life and have a beautiful blogging Journey. Create awesome content and be blissful.

Do you have any blogging tips? Please share it with us by leaving a comment below.  Was these tips helpful, did it make any difference to you? Follow and share these tips with your fellow bloggers.

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26 thoughts on “37 Blogging Tips for New Bloggers”

  1. Wow, there is just so much here. You are right about some of the tips that I have never heard anyone else give the, like do not worry too much about your blog name! I am still new to blogging, but I am always trying to improve, so I loved this post.

    1. Thank You for stopping by Natalie. These 37 blogging tips are what I learned from my own success and failures. I hope to make things bit easier by having everything in one place. Easy to refer.

    1. You are so sweet Chrissy. This reference guide will definitely help both new and experienced bloggers. Thank you for stopping by.

  2. This is great post! Thanks for sharing. I love what you said about selecting a blog name. I cannot tell you how many hours/days/weeks I’ve spent dwelling on my blog name!! Even till now, I sometimes question whether I have chosen the “right”. 🤦🏻‍♀️ Understanding Pinterest is my next challenge…! 🙂

    Xx J

  3. Janey, I think as a new blogger we spent a lot of time trying to find the perfect blog name., the color combination, font type, our photo on the sidebar. I have wasted a lot of time of these not so important things that’s why I wanted to let others know that focus on important things like content, blog mission, your short & long-term goals.
    if you want to learn about Pinterest then I have a beginner’s guide to Pinterest account creation, group board selection, descriptions, pins, keywords and more. I’m sure that it’ll definitely help you to create a strong Pinterest account.
    Good Luck and don’t hesitate to contact me if you need any help.

  4. This is a really detailed post! Blogging really isn’t easy – but it can be very rewarding. Being genuine is really important, people want to see the real you. Great post with some amazing tips for bloggers!

    1. Thank you for your beautiful words, Emily. I am not an expert on blogging but these are the things I have learned from my experiences. I hope it’ll help my fellow bloggers and helps them to make a good start.

    1. Hey Jo, Thank you so much. You made my day. I am happy that my work is making it easier for my fellow bloggers.

  5. THANK YOU! for the info about pinterest- i’m new to blogging and never ‘got’ the purpose or use of pinterest so thank you so much- I’ll definitely have to get that up and running if it is a major traffic driver.

    1. Welcome, Stephanie. I am very glad to know that you found it helpful. Pinterest is indeed one of the biggest sources of traffic for most of us.

  6. Wow, what a great list of tips! Thanks for sharing, and thanks for teaching me how to stop GA from tracking my own visits!

    1. hey, Pooja, I am glad that you found my post helpful. The main purpose of my blog is to make it simple and less stressful for new bloggers because I know it’s too much information there. Good Luck in your Journey and if you need any help don’t hesitate to contact me.

  7. Hey,
    You’ve shared very nice tips here for new bloggers.
    Most of the new bloggers fail to build a blogging business due to the overwhelm of many blogging things. They just want to do all the things like having a good looking design, trying to be on all social media sites, publishing blog posts daily, etc. at a time.
    But I always ask my readers to take a small step toward their blogging goal. Otherwise, they will be burn out easily.
    However, thanks for sharing this nice post.

  8. Love this blog post!! I will definitely be referring back to this blog post again, since it has such valuable information. I started my blog in January 2017, and I still feel like I have so much to learn. Hopefully one day my blog can make some money for me as a side hustle.

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