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10 Facebook Group List to Drive Massive Traffic to your Blog

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Pinterest and facebook groups are two of my biggest sources of traffic. In this post, I will be giving you the 10 facebook group list that is very engaging and could drive a lot of traffic to your site. Blog traffic is one thing every blogger loves to increase. Whether you are a new blogger or a seasoned one, more traffic means more money. Who wouldn’t like it??? Right???

So, let’s dive in and find out how to use Facebook groups to attract visitors to your blog as well as the list.

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Before you start applying for facebook groups and start expecting a huge increase in your traffic, I would like to clear few points.


Tips To Use Facebook Group List For Your Blog Growth

Blogging is all about helping each other. Almost all the blogger is going to tell you one thing in unison that blogging is all about providing helpful content to make your readers’ life easier.

To be successful in social media, you have to be social and helpful. Don’t wait for people to do something for you then only you’ll return the favor. Be the one to start it.

This post contains affiliate links. Please read my full disclosure here.

The importance of Facebook Groups:-

For all online entrepreneur, Facebook groups are like an online hangout place. A place to meet other bloggers and learn from one another.

It’s a place to promote your blog post, Social media account, collaborate and drive traffic to your blog.

Facebook groups are your Encyclopedia – there are bloggers from all over the world blogging on different niches at different stages.  If you are stuck somewhere, then, of course, another blogger can help you better then anyone else.

It’s also a place to vent out your frustration. I know as a mum and a new blogger, life can be very tough and sometimes you need to blaab…so yeah, here you can find some ears and also hear others horror stories and feel better. LOL

Facebook groups give you lots of Inspiration, get latest updates and learn new ideas.

It’s also a place to make friends and collaboration.


Things to Remember:-

  • Before applying to any group, read the rules and answer questions asked by the group admin.
  • Be prepared to support others by commenting on a blog post or sharing other’s pin etc.
  • Please be social and helpful. Remeber, if you help other’s you’ll get help too.
  • Please DO NOT drop your link on PROMO day and VANISH.
  • Engage with other group members and give your opinion if it helps them.

If you follow these steps, you’ll be highly benefitted from facebook groups.

Now, the Facebook group list that I was talking about

If you want to join any of these groups then click on their name.

1.Boost Your Blog


Facebook Group List

Boost Your Blog is a private community designed to help bloggers engage and promote one another’s work through shared interest and opportunity! It is a place to ask questions, connect with others, and grow your blog. Helene from is the admin of this group.

You can promote your work anytime, the only requirement is to be social and help each other.


2.Bloggers Supporting Bloggers

This Group is run by Allie from Allie’s Fashion Alley and it has very engaging members. There are weekly schedule and if you are looking to grow your Twitter and Instagram account then this group is for you.


3.Grow Your Blog

Facebook Group List

This group is run by few bloggers who are very strict about their rules. Non-rule followers are banned from the group which makes this group very successful.

There are different threads to drive traffic to your blog every day such as Stumbled upon, Pinterest, google analytics, comment, theme etc.

Please read the rule carefully and follow it. If you follow and complete your task then this group is very beneficial your blog growth.

4.Bloggers Unite on Pinterest

Facebook Group List

This group is run by Jill Cappaert and it’s only for bloggers to grow their Pinterest account. To grow your Pinterest account, this group is the right one. If you are looking for contributors for your group boards or trying to join some group boards, this is the one.


5.Connect & Cultivate with Ivory Mix

Facebook Group List

This one the first few groups that I joined and I highly recommend this group. Kayla from runs this group and its weekly schedule is full of promotion days.

6.Ladies Blog For Business

Kristi from Splendidblogger runs this board. Ladies blog for business is growing slowly with lots of opportunities to promote your post in the weekly schedule.


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Launch your Blog To Success From The Day One.


7.The Blogging Squad

Facebook Group List

This group is again strictly monitored by the group of admins. Only participate if you can complete the task otherwise you’ll be banned. There are daily threads on different social media network and it’s a good way to grow your blog. Who said blogging is easy???

8.Blogging Boost

Facebook Group List

This is one of the oldest and largest groups on facebook. It has bloggers from all over the world. If you have any questions this is a good forum to clear your doubts.

9.Mom to Mompreneur

Facebook Group List

Well, this group is hosted by none other than our dear Elna Cain.  This one of the very interactive groups. In a short span of time, Elna has grown it to a very engaging group. Once a week, on Tuesday you can promote your Blog Post and Thursday is for collaboration.


10.Boss Girl Bloggers ✨

Facebook Group List

This group is started by Lauren from Bossgirlbloggers and I must say that within a year, she has built a very big group. The admin is very engaging and she runs daily threads plus this is one of the most engaging groups. This definitely is a group to be in.

Bonus Group: 

Dream Big & Blog Hard

Facebook Group List

This is my group and it’s slowly increasing. There is weekly schedule as well as I run threads in between. If you want to join the group then please answer both the questions and be supportive.

Here you go guys, the Facebook group list that I use to grow my blog. Below opt-in has 50 facebook groups with their promo days.


Use this awesome platform wisely to learn and grow your blog. Remember, blogging all about helping and growing together.

Let us know if you use any facebook group or other tips that are helpful.

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