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What I Learned & Earned? First income report.

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End of the month means waiting for the salary but for new bloggers like me, it’s more about checking our blog performance. See what we missed and achieved. It’s time for my first income report. This blog was started in the mid of March so, it sounds reasonable to set goals for six weeks ie end of April.

There is an overwhelming amount of information available online, some of which are a total waste of time and money. For a  new blogger, too much of information is also not helpful. That’s why I wanted to create a space for new bloggers where the information available are trustworthy, honest and worth the time and money they spent. Hence, DreamBigBloghard was founded to make blogging journey simple for new bloggers. Cutting all the craps and bring simple and straightforward answers.

I share my experiences and strategize that worked for me and it could work for you as well. I know most of the bloggers here are mums who have left their job to stay at home and take care of kids. I’m also a stay at home mum of two beautiful kids who accidentally discovered blogging while looking for ways to make money from home. I ‘m very excited to share my first income report and hope it gives you some inspiration. This is not just my first income report but the exact strategies that I followed to achieve my goals.

I started a blog last year but shut it down after 6 months as I didn’t even earn $100 in 6 months but I learned a few important things. So, I decided to start again and share my knowledge with other mums.  Here you go:-


This post contains affiliate links please read my full disclosure here. 

My First Income Report: What I learned?

First income report


  1. Blogging is lots and lots of HARD WORK

Seriously, ladies if you think that you can make money by just writing what you enjoy, THINK AGAIN. It takes a lot more than that. If you are thinking about starting a blog then I would ask you to make a plan, do some thorough research and be sure of the topic/ niche that you want to blog about. Blogging is a huge learning curve so be prepared.

This is a no way to discourage you but I also don’t want you to start your blog with the wrong picture. So having a clarity is a must- clarity of your focus area, your niche, and your target audience.

Read this blog post to know the 9 important things to know before starting a blog. This post talks about all.


2. Consistency Plays a Big Role:-

It’s been more than a month for this blog and I can say with my eyes closed that Consistency is a Must. When I launched this blog, traffic was good and it became better. Overall, in 6 weeks, the blog has 17850+ page views. I am very happy with this number but my traffic dipped in the middle of April as I was not able to focus a lot on my blog because of other family commitments. First Income Report

Consistency matters a lot especially during the initial stage of blogging. As it’s a new blog, if you publish your post consistently then it is going to make a big difference in your traffic.

In the beginning, there are not many posts to promote so publishing consistently helps a lot.

Hey, hey, No panic…this certainly doesn’t mean that you panic and get stressed. I know as a mum, we are overloaded with work and family comes first so some days if you miss, you miss…not a big deal. Life happens.

3. Positive Mindset is your New BFF

Do I need to say more??? Like I said earlier, blogging is a lot of hard work and a huge learning curve so to keep your spirit high – make Positive Mindset your New BFF.

Having a Positive mind is very helpful in life but it is so much more important here in blogging because things are totally unstructured. As you grow, you need to learn more and more, there is no boundary and set rule to follow.

How in school or at work, things are systematized which makes it easy for us to follow the system and grow but here in the blogging world, there is nothing as such.

So, to survive your first few months of the frustrating journey, a positive mindset is a must.  You have to trust yourself and believe that this too shall pass.

Lots of new blogger cum mum (new & old) talks about getting stressed out and not getting time to work on their blog because of kids, household work etc. Some of them are on the verge of giving up…totally frustrated.

To tell you the truth, it’s useless to work when you are stressed out or frustrated. You’ll be just wasting your time. To publish amazing content, new ideas your mind needs to be in a happy state.

So, when you are stressed, STOP doing what is making you freak out. Take a break.

Go Play with your kids or watch TV with them. Take a Good Sleep and give some rest to your mind. Listen to some good music while cooking or cleaning. Read books, talk to your friends.

Happy mind means Happy thoughts. You are more efficient when you are happy and positive. Come back to work with a fresh mind and you’ll see the magic….ideas popping out from everywhere.

4. Be Social and be Helpful

If you are an online entrepreneur then Social media is your new hang out place. And in social media, you have to be social. Writing a blog post is 30% of the work, the other 70% is Promoting it on Social Media.

If you help others and promote their stuff then they’ll return the favor too. I have experienced this myself and I try to make sure that I return the favor.

My traffic sources are Pinterest and Facebook Groups. I participate in lots of facebook promo groups and they have helped me a lot from increasing my traffic to growing Pinterest followers.

Facebook groups are also your online forum to clear any doubts. There are bloggers from all over the world and most of them are very helpful.

Be social and always engage in Facebook threads if you leave your link. Help others and you’ll get help too. It’s also a way to build a relationship and collaborations.


My First Income Report: What I Achieved?


My GOALS for the first six weeks was-

Blog Post = 25

Email subscribers =100

Pinterest Followers = 200, I started with 68

Blog Traffic = 5000 page views

Money = Not a focus but $20 would be Nice


And the RESULT is:-

Blog post2515Didn’t  achieve
Email Subscribers100101Achieved
Pinterest Followers268397Achieved
Traffic -page views5,00017,850Achieved

I’m very happy with the result, as my hard work paid off. The one thing that helped me a lot in getting this result is Preparation.

I worked very hard before launching my blog. My failure taught me about my target audience, it made me realized my blog goal. If you are not able to achieve your goal or feel like you have lost it…don’t lose hope. You can relaunch your business, you can start again. It is DEFINITELY POSSIBLE.

If you want to know the strategies that I followed to launch my blog then you can check this post.

Let’s Dig more …

In the last six weeks, every blog post I published was keeping in mind the mission of my blog- to help new bloggers. Make things simple for them.

I get most of my blog post ideas from Facebook groups from the questions people are asking and also topics that I want to learn more about as a new blogger, I share with you all.

Blogging is all about sharing your knowledge that gives value to others. Pinterest is another place to find your inspirations.


To grow my email list, I created an opt-in that was appealing to almost all the bloggers. As a new blogger, I was not so comfortable to create 6 weeks email course or video tutorial. Moreover, there was a time constraint as I wanted my opt-in to be up and running on the day of launch.

So, I went for Pinterest groups boards and facebook group. It was a bit of a hard work to find group boards on different niches checking if they are open to collaboration etc. But it was easier than creating video tutorials or 6 weeks email series for me. (as I’m not good with video or audio things, right now).  I didn’t make it for the sake of making it. I made it robust with 350+ Pinterest group boards and Facebook groups.

Freebies are not really free, it’s your main instrument to get more subscribers so, make it worth trading for your readers.

Placing your opt-in in many places maximizes your chances of getting more subscribers. My highest converting place is the header section of the blog.

I use MalerLite as my email provider and I love it. It is very easy to understand and the basic free plan gives you up to 1000 free subscribers. You’ll get 24*7 access to their amazing customer service and all templates and sheets.

Get full information here: Learn How to Grow Your Email List Faster here.


Pinterest is my main source of traffic followed by Facebook. I created boards and group boards with keywords so that it appears on search result easily. Another important thing is to put keywords in your pins which make it more searchable.

I make two pins for every post but recently when my traffic dipped a bit I created a fresh set of pins and it helped to increase my visitors. I guess if you have less number of the blog post then you need to refresh your pins now and then as people get bored of seeing same pins and they stop pinning it.

Tailwind is my automatic pin scheduler, it is very simple to use. It has all the options and setting that I need for my pinning style. I also pin manually, regularly 10-15 pins.

One important thing to remember, the results on Pinterest are not instant. It takes time to see the fruit of your hard work so have some patience and keep doing good work. You’ll certainly see the results in a few days time.

Apply for group boards in your own niche to see better results. I have a 70-30 ratio of group boards on niche and non-niche.


I found Facebook groups very handy to promote my blog posts. There are many groups which run different threads from blog comments to google ranking to Pinterest tips. Join as many as you can handle. The magic here is to be helpful and supportive. Just don’t drop your link and vanish.

Below free opt-in has about 50 such facebook groups.


I am using the most Amazing Hosting Company- SITEGROUND to host my blog. It is worth every penny you spend. They are very reliable and do their job 100%.  With SiteGround, you can expect 99% uptime, faster speed, and Super Helpful customer service. They also give one-time FREE site migration.

Site Speed is very important for your blog success. All your hard work will go in vain if your site is not loading fast. Slow loading site means no readers. Honestly, I get put off by slow speed.

Google also punishes sites that load slowly. Hence, site speed plays a HUGE Role in your blog success.

Check 9 simple ways to increase your site speed.


As per money, I made my first affiliate sale selling one of the most popular ebooks on manual pinning – The Pinterest Strategies by Carly from Mommyonpurpose. This book is all you need if you want to learn about manual pinning – the same strategies that Carly uses to promote her blog. Honestly, I learned a lot about Pinterest and things that I was doing incorrectly on Pinterest from this ebook.

To make this first sale, I didn’t do much, apart from writing a valuable blog post and dropping links to courses and tools that helped me with my blog.

Apart from this ebook, the rest of the income is from displaying ads from Adsense. I choose Auto Ads which means Google will figure out the optimum ways to display ads that are relevant to my readers. So far, it’s going well.

To apply for Adsense, traffic is not a criterion but they will look for an authentic blog with no spammy, adult or violent content. You also have to make sure that you have a privacy page, about me or contact info to contact you. There is no specific number of blog posts requirement but if you have about 5-6 posts would be good. I had around 5-7 posts.

The secret sauce here is writing helpful posts and participating in Facebook group threads to attract visitors.

This month, I will be focusing more on Affiliate networks. I got this small ebook- Make Money Blogging at any Stage by Victoria from A Modern Homestead. Just like many of us, Victoria found success after 2 or 3 blogs failure. She makes a very good income from a small blog and gives me a hope that it’s possible to make money from a small blog.

In this ebooks, she talks about different ways a blog can make money as well and all the information required to get into different affiliate networks. I have already applied for few Affiliate networks so let see how it goes.


Few Points to Take Home from My First Income Report


  • Blogging is a lot of hard work but totally worth it.
  • Do some planning and preparation before launching your blog
  • Write valuable content relevant to your audience
  • Blog consistently
  • Don’t lose hope and be positive
  • Be Social and helpful
  • Freebie is not really free so, make it worth trading for.
  • It is possible to make money from a new blog
  • Goal setting helps to check your progress.

I hope my first income report will give you some hope and inspire you to go for your dreams. If you plan and prepare yourself then it’s going to be far easier then just jumping. This applies to anywhere in life. Also, remember that you cannot be 100% sure until you start it. There are a few things that you’ll only learn on the job.

As a stay at home mum or dad, our plates are full so don’t be hard on yourself. Taking a break is helpful. Recharging your mind helps you to be efficient and productive. Happy mind creates beautiful things.

If you need any help, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Please share and comment and let me know your feedback.

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28 thoughts on “What I Learned & Earned? First income report.”

  1. Great!!
    For me consistency is still a problem, I am not able to post more than 3 per month.
    Got my application rejected for about 5 times by Google adsense

    1. Sorry to know about Adsense, Komal. Did you ask the reason for it? I am not sure but is it because your blog is on Blogspot? Check-in few facebook groups if people in Blogspot are displaying Ads from Adsense??? About Consistency, you do what you can do best. Find out what is your hinderance. Before you start writing, make an outline of your blog post. The main top and list of side heading that can go with it.Life is busy sometimes and you forget things plus mind is not only very creative. So when you get ideas, list it down and add more to it when you sit down to write. You can also get lots of ideas from Google and Pinterest. Good Luck. Let me know. if you need any help.

      1. Thankyou so much Domalama!
        The reason they have cited is ‘Insufficient content’ so right now I am focusing on building more and more content possible. Once I achieve 25-30 posts, will try again.
        I am also planning to shift to wordpress as I feel that would be a better platform in every sense.

        1. Shifting to WordPress sounds good. Moreover, there are so many help & support available for WordPress.
          I applied for Adsense when I had about 5-7 posts but like I said in the post as well, privacy page is a must. Anyways, build your content and apply again.
          In the meantime, you can try they display ads for Yahoo & Bing. If you blog about food(or partly) then you can also try Gourmet Ads- traffic is not a criterion for them.

    1. Awww, Brenda, you make my day. Thank you for your kind words. I’m sure from the post you are aware that I failed miserably with my first blog but this time the big difference is the Clarity. I wish you Good Luck and thank you for stopping by.

  2. That’s great success! I just took a year off from my blog after blogging for years and I’m now getting back into it. You are so right, it’s so much work and way more than just typing up a blog post.

    Robin II Penn And Quill

  3. Thank you for this post! I’m just transitioning to the work at home life and I’ve been considering blogging as my next big step (after applying for different remote customer service jobs and freelance writing) but it’s been overwhelming trying to figure out where to start. All these posts saying that they earn $4000 a month sound way too good to be true and don’t really go into a lot of depth on how they got all that traffic or they talk about how they didn’t do much because they already had an established reader base. That’s nice to aim for but not very helpful for a beginner with no audience. So thank you again for making this post and your blog! I found you through pinterest and I’m definitely going to sign up for your email list. 🙂

    1. Thank you, Nikki, you are so sweet. Your comment made my day. I Know, too much of info is also dangerous that’s why I try to make it simple and straight-forward.

    1. Wow, I’m thrilled by your comment Kelly. Thank you and good luck. If you need any help, don’t hesitate to contact me.

  4. How refreshing to hear about blogging from someone semi-new to it. I love sites made specifically for bloggers and this one stands out because ita coming from first hand newbie(ish) experience. Keep up the great work!

  5. What a detailed post! Thanks so much for sharing. I think it helps bloggers to know that it’s possible to be successful blogging; but that it takes consistency and hard work.

    1. You are absolutely right Ruth that Consistency and hard work plays a big part in a successful blogging biz.

  6. Hey! I’ve just began building my blog which is not yet live. I’m super excited and I’ve read a lot about starting blogs and this is a great help. I always read how so many bloggers fail with their first or even second attempt. I hope to make mine successful from the beginning. Thanks again for sharing your thoughts.
    Girls Gone x

    1. Thank you. Good luck with your Blog launch. Do your homework properly, research a lot and know your Why.

  7. Wow! What an amazing post! I have struggled the last three months with blogging, but seeing your journey so far was really inspirational to me. I will keep hustling!

    1. Hi Ellen, Blogging takes time, well time and again, I have to remind myself also. But if you keep your chin high and keep going then I am sure you’ll make it. You know what I need to hear these lines myself more than anything else. Sometimes, these are days where you feel like giving up and pack your bags but nothing is easy especially when it holds so many potentials and opportunities. Don’t give up, my friend.

  8. I’m so jealous of you right now! I’ve been working my ass off to increase my blog traffic and make some money online. I believe I’ll see good results soon. Thanks for the encouragement!

  9. Thank you for this! I really needed something to motivate me again in this “Blogging” journey. I have been blogging now for 8 months & have not made anything! I was getting a little discouraged, but then I see posts like these and they push me to work harder. Congrats on your success, I’m hoping for some success on mine soon as well!

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