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6 Adsense tips to get Quick Approval from Google

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Advertisements are one of the easiest ways to make money from a blog. And the most popular one, to begin with, is Google Adsense. Google Adsense is open to all blogger- big and small. Unlike many other ads network, it doesn’t have traffic requirement hence making it the first choice for new bloggers. Though traffic is not a requirement, Google Adsense has few strict requirements for approval and if it’s not in place your request won’t get approved.

Check this post by Google Adsense to get a better understanding What to know before you sign up with AdSense.

If you are yet to start a blog then without wasting any time check this post to start a blog, a step by step tutorial. 

6 Adsense tips to get quickly approved by Google

This is what I did, both times, and got approved within two days. Generally, it’ll take a few working days to get the approval. If you follow these Adsense tips then there is a better chance of getting approval but sometimes they decline your request even if you have everything in place.

6 Adsense tips to get quickly approved by Google

Blog Post

Blog post matters as it will help Google to check your content or analyze that your site exists and it’s not a spam site. Write unique content and post consistently.

When I applied for Google Adsense, I had about 5-6 post.

Blog Content

Google has made this very explicit that it won’t accept any Violence, Racist or Adult content. So, by any chance, if you have any of these in your blog then there is no way you’ll get an approval.

Privacy Policy &Disclaimer

The Privacy policy page is a must. If you don’t have one then create here for free.

This page helps Google to see that you have the minimum legal requirement in place.

So, is the Disclaimer page.

AboutRemove featured image

About page will tell about what the blog is about or the person behind the blog. It is also an opportunity for you to tell your story to your visitors and connect at a more personal level. It’s a way to show that there is a human behind the blog. This is not a mandatory page but more than Google, its good for you and your blog to have this page.

Contact page

This page contains your contact info so I think this page is very important.

Google Analytics

Before you apply for Adsense, it’s a very good idea to create a Google Analytics account for your blog. This way it will be easier for Google to get more information about your blog. Check out this post to install Google Analytics.

How to Create your Adsense account

To create an account with Adsense you need a Gmail email address.

  1. Visit
  2. Click on Sign-up
  3. Enter your Website info and your email address
  4. Select your country and accept T&C
  5. Hit Enter to create your account
  6. Now, click on Get Started button
  7. Enter your payment details, please be very careful while filling up your bank details.
  8. Once you click SUBMIT, you’ll get a code specific to your account.
  9. Copy and paste this code into your Blog.

There are two ways to paste this code –

STEP 1: Paste the code directly on the header section of your theme, here’s how:-

Click on Appearance on the left-side of your WordPress Dashboard.

Then click on Editor, you’ll see a similar screen as below

Click on Theme header on the right -side of the screen

adsense tips

Paste the code in the space between <head> and </head>.  I wouldn’t suggest to paste it in the middle of any code already there. So I pasted it just before the </head> tag. Then click update file.

I am not too comfortable to make many changes in the code so this is not my preferred option.

STEP 2: This is my preferred option to paste the code in the plugin called – Header and Footer.

Install the plugin and paste the code in the header section of it. That’s all.

Adsense Tips

Once you have saved your code into your blog, go back to the Google Adsense page and click DONE.

You have done your part, now wait for Google email to let you know if your application has been approved or not.

Hopefully, it should be YES. Good Luck!

Few Words before you go:-

Adsense Tips 1: First of all, let me set your expectations right: to see a significant amount from any ads or for that matter from your blog, traffic is very important. If you are just starting out and have few blogs post then it’ll take you some time to see a significant amount.  But, hey, who said blogging is a quick money making things???

Blogging is more about passive income and every cents count. Slowly your cents will convert into dollars. So the moral of the story is that it’s going to take time. Have Patience!

Adsense Tips 2: The threshold payment is $100 which means until you reach $100 mark, money won’t be transferred to your bank.

Adsense Tips 3: To get maximum out of Adsense, go for Auto ads. You don’t have to set up ads or do anything. Just click on My Ads on your Adsense account and then click on Set up Ads. As simple as that.

For whatever reasons, if, your application won’t get approved then don’t worry, there are many other advertisement networks that accept beginners like, and Gourmet Ads (mostly for food bloggers)

Are you displaying ads on your blog? Are you making any money from ads? Let me know in the comment below.

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13 thoughts on “6 Adsense tips to get Quick Approval from Google”

  1. Hi! Thank you for these tips. Really useful since I still didnt get any approval from adsense. I will apply these tips soon. Thank you again 🙂

  2. Thank you very much for these tips! I really like that you are straightforward and easy to understand. I really am thinking about what I can do to make money on my blog. Thank you also for the link to the privacy practices page.

  3. Love this post! I think new bloggers are intimidated on how to get approved for adsense and how to get going with that! So that’s great you’ve created a post that’s so helpful!

    1. Thanks, Erin. When I was starting out, I didn’t know how to install the code or things needed to be done before applying for Adsense. Many experienced bloggers helped me so, I think it’s my turn to make all those info available in one place. I am glad that you find it helpful.

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