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How to Grow Your Email List Faster? A Complete Guide!!

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If you are planning to make money from your blog then start building your email list from day one. Learn and understand everything that you need to grow your email list faster.

What they say: the money is in the list.

Creating a successful blog is all about being prepared, plan strategically and above all giving value to your readers. And the sure ways to grow your email list faster is by publishing a valuable content.

Email list contains subscribers who like your work, who gave their email address in exchange for your free opt-in because they saw value in it.

The biggest mistake someone can ever make with their online business?

Not building their email list.

You must have heard about the How a change in the Facebook algorithm made a successful digital media to shut down?

Can you believe it???

A successful digital company with millions of Facebook fans but no email subscribers. Don’t make the same mistake as them.

You see what I’m talking about.


An email list is very important because: –

(Please note that this post contains affiliate links, which means that when you buy any product /services using my link then I’ll earn a small commission at no EXTRA cost to you. Thank You!)


Grow your Email list faster

1. It’s Your Property


An email list is the only thing that is yours.

The people on your list are one who likes your work and gave you permission to email them.

Subscribers are real. They read your post, liked it, impressed by your opt-in offer and signed up for it. So, a relationship has been built, rest it depends on you, how your nature them.

2. You have full control over your list.

Unlike Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram or other social media account where you have very less to none control over their rules and terms, you have full control over your email list.

You can decide when what and how you want to email your subscribers? You are not bound by any terms or conditions.

3. Email subscribers convert better.

This is by far proven that bloggers make more sale through email subscribers than by any other means.

Subscribers are already impressed by your work, there is a strong relationship between you and your subscribers hence they are more likely to buy your product or products you recommend.

Now we know how important is email list building, let’s find out how to grow your email list faster? After all more subscribers mean more money.

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How to Grow Your Email List Faster?

1.Valuable Content

You must provide value to your visitors. Your blog should solve their problem. Whether you are writing about healthy food, how to pay off debt or lifestyle blog, you should impress your visitor, provide contents that make them visit your blog again and again.

We as a blogger have to be at the top of our game to build a successful business.

Let’s say that you published a post with an intriguing headline, promoted that post crazily and you have it. Readers are visiting your blog to read the full post, so far, it’s going amazing. But what happens if there is not much value in the content or it’s written in a lousy way?

Your visitors will run away at the same speed that they came. Worse some might never visit again for a long time.

So, careful, the first impression can be the last impression sometimes.

Content is Indeed a King

2.Create sexy email opt-in (aka freebies)

Since the email list is so important so how do we go about building it fast? What do we need apart from valuable content?

The answer is Email Opt-in.

Create an opt-in that is best suited for your audience and provides value to them.

If you offer free printable in a health and fitness niche then it’s not going to work but if you offer it to DIY, craft or organization audience then it’ll be a hit.

So, create freebies that suits your topic and readers.

Another valuable tip is – please provide valuable freebies.

Thinking that it’s free so why bother wasting so much time and energy is a wrong approach.

It’s like burning the bridge that leads your readers to your Email list.

Here are a few examples of Opt-in that you can offer:-

  • Spreadsheet with a long list of groups or product info like I did.
  • PDF
  • eBook
  • Email Courses
  • Printables
  • Password protected resource page


There are two types of opt-in

  • Universal opt-in, that you can place anywhere on your site
  • Post specific opt-in

I am offering two opt-ins, one universal and one specific to a post.

Thinking that you are giving something for free is absolutely a WRONG way to go about it.

You are getting an email address in exchange for your freebies so it’s really not free.

Actually, it’s your first chance to impress your subscriber and grow your email list faster.

Give your best Shot 🙂

3. Place 3-4 opt-in forms around your site to grow email list faster

Ok, so you have created an amazing opt-in and placed it in your sidebar, waiting anxiously. You’ve already refreshed your subscribers list a couple of times, no new subscribers. After a week, there is not much increase in subscribers.

What is happening??? What are you missing???

The answer is: creating an amazing opt-in is only half part, the other half is the location and the number of forms.

If you are expecting to grow your email list faster by placing the opt-in in the sidebar then it’s a lame idea. A sidebar is not an optimal area to place your opt-in. In mobile devices, all items of the sidebar are displayed at the bottom of the page. And the Good news is most readers are on a mobile phone. In this case, there is a very slim chance of a reader scrolling down to the bottom of the page to access your opt-in.

Hence, you’re amazing opt-in will not convert like you’d expected.

To grow your email list faster, there are a few places where you must place your opt-in

  • Header,
  • Within a blog post
  • At the end of the post
  • Sidebar
  • Pop-up
  • Footer

Header or top of your site is the best place to place your opt-in to grow your email list faster. It’s the first thing that your readers see.

Place your best opt-in here, it’s a prime real estate, make the best use of it.

Placing an opt-in in a blog post is another smart way to grow an email list. You can also place a blog post specific opt-in within a blog post for better conversion.

I’ve placed signup forms in five places- header, sidebar, footer, within a post/page and pop-up.


Note: As of the end of April, I have around 100 subscribers and the Hot converting place for sign -up forms is the header section followed by Pop-up.

I have two opt-ins– one Universal and another post specific.

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4.Nurture your List 

Having a reader signed up for your email list is half of the story the other half and the main part is to have an engaging list.

Most people set up a list but never really communicate to them or engage with them.

Last time, I had signup form set up on my site from the day one and people signed up too but it took me four months to send the first newsletter because I was too scared to communicate with my subscribers.

I had no idea what to write. I wanted it to be perfect.

Fast forward 6 months and I am well experienced now. Your newsletter doesn’t have to be Perfect or full of roses.

Just Be Yourself!!! Keep it Simple and Straight.

Treat your subscribers like your good friend. They trust you, they like to hear from you that’s why they gave you a permission to visit their inbox.

Don’t miss this chance to start communication with your subscribers.

Your subscribers are your future customers, your future friends, and potential tribe member. If you receive an email or comments from your readers then engage with them, reply to your subscriber’s emails or comments.

It is a golden opportunity for you to build a relationship. I always reply to emails and comments asap.

Be a friend or mentor who is always there, who is reliable it’ll be worth every second of your time. Email them every week,  twice a week or whatever is your schedule. Send them useful tips, valuable ideas, exclusive content only to your list. Check with them if they need any help, reply to their emails with honest answers, good words. It makes a huge difference.

Once a blogger reply to my group board request email with an apology as it took her few days to reply. She was very polite and it was a simple personal email.

She made an impression on me. Now, every time I see her pin on Pinterest I pin to my board and all relevant group boards (manually).

Another big no-no to me is spamming your email list with sales emails or email with loads of Affiliate links.

I know, I said that money is in the list but if you want to grow your email faster then you don’t want to sound too sleazy and force your subscriber to leave your list.

Don’t spoof your subscribers with sales email series. Build a strong relationship, ask for feedback, give valuable free information. Provide value to your subscribers. And then send an email with sales pitch once or twice.

There are a few types of email you can send to grow your email list faster

  • A welcome email/ series
  • Weekly roundup
  • A personal email
  • Latest blog post
  • Email with tips and information.

5.Email Service Provider

There are many email provider in the market right now depending on your budget and requirements, choose the best one to grow your email list faster.

The few well-known companies are:-

  • ConvertKit
  • MailerLite
  • MailChimp
  • Aweber
  • Constant Contact

ConvertKit: Most big bloggers in Blog World use it and I have heard a lot of good stuff about it but ConvertKit is a bit expensive- $29/month, the starting plan. If you are a successful blogger and making money then $29 a month on email provider is not a big deal but if you are just starting out then can save your money here.

There are other companies that provide enough services to grow email list faster for FREE. You might want to check them out first.

Check MailerLite price and features compared with ConvertKit.

MailerLite is relatively a new company but it is creating a BUZZ in the email marketing world and giving a tough challenge to other providers.

It is very easy to use, awesome customer service 24*7, beautiful templates, heaps of helpful resources and above all its FREE for up to 1000 subscribers with unlimited emails.

The best alternatives to ConvertKit and a good choice for beginners as well as successful bloggers – MailerLite.

I’m one of their happy customers.

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MailChimp is another popular email provider which also provides free basic plans with up to 2000 subscribers but with limited services. There is no 24*7 support for free users and its pretty limited services.

I started with MailChimp but switched over to MailerLite when I started sending newsletters as I discovered its limitation in free plans.

Grow your Email list faster

Few Things To Remember

Please remember that not all subscriber on your list is going to open your email so don’t fuss about that. It’s is known issue and tech support cannot do anything….just kidding but it’s true that nobody gets 100 % email open rate unless you have one subscriber on your list.

According to the latest report, the standard open rate is between 15-25% approximately.

There will be times when some subscribers will unsubscribe to your email list, don’t take it personally. Preferences change and it’s better to have a small engaging list than a large list with no engagement. It’s better for your plan as well.

To grow your email list faster,

  • Provide value to your customer through awesome content,
  • Build a responsive website that works on both desktop and mobile.
  • Create beautiful opt-in and place it in the right places.
  • Nurture your list and engage with them. Make them feel special.
  • Be genuine and keep it simple.

Please share and comment below. Let me know if you need any help. Tell us how your email list is growing and what are you doing to grow it faster.?

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  1. This is a really good post! Would you mind telling me what you use for your subscriber form? I know a lot of people use Sumo but it doesn’t look like you are using that one. I am trying to find one that works with my theme and Sumo seems to be causing some issues.

  2. Great ideas and tips, very valuable information and indeed, content is the king! I am looking at switching the Mailchimp so may have a look at Convert Kit! Thank you for sharing!

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