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How To Increase your Traffic using Free Pinterest Tools

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Every blogger and website owners dream of getting millions of traffic to their blog (I’m one of them) and they burn their ass off in this process. More traffic means more money as simple as that. There are thousands of tools, applications, and content on how to drive traffic to your site. It’s a million dollars business.

One of the best things that you can do to drive traffic to your site is to make your content more shareable. For this, you can install social share plugins like social warfare as well as take help of free Pinterest tools which are must to make your pins easily pinnable.

Of all the applications and platforms, one of the most loved and used by bloggers is Pinterest. Google is the mother of all traffic (SEO) but it’s a long game plan and until you get there your best buddy is Pinterest. In this post, I am going to tell two important Pinterest tools that can drive thousands of traffic to your blog and how to install them step by step.

These tools are important to make your pin sharable and visible to your every visitors to your blog. These amazing free Pinterest tools are Pin it Button and Pinterest Follow Wizard.

How to Increase Blog Traffic Using Free Pinterest Tools

If you are new to Pinterest then check the Pinterest Beginners guide to create a Successful Pinterest account for your blog.

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2 Free Pinterest Tools



Pin it button

Pin it button or also known as Save button helps your visitors to save images from your blog straight to their Pinterest board. This way it saves them time and you have better chances of getting more traffic. Pin it button is imperative to make your content more visible.

Pinterest Tools

There are three ways to get Pin it button-

Step1: Install Plugin like jQuery Pin it button image

Check this two mins YouTube video on how to install this Plugin and customize it to match your brand(optional)

How to Install Pin It Button! from Bloguettes

Step2: Create your own Pin it Button. If you want to create your own button default Pin it button then Pinterest will help you generate code. You just have to add the code to your site.

Get full instructions here from Pinterest.
How to Create your Own Pinterest Button
Step3: You can install the Social Share Plugin. I’m using Social warfare which allows users to share my post or pins on any social platform.

To Install the plugin: (this is done on the WordPress admin dashboard)

Click on Plugin> add new > Type plugin name- Social share

Free Pinterest tools

Click on install and then activate. Choose your social share network and adjust accordingly.

Free Pinterest tools

Pinterest Profile Widget

Profile widget helps in two ways- it shows you, readers, your Pins and also makes it easy for them to follow you (if they like your content and pins)

Your job here is to make things easier for your visitors to share your content and fall in love with you. Don’t make them work too hard to share your content or follow your account.

Many blogs use Milo Tree plugin to showcase their pins, boards or profiles but this plugin is a paid one. (minimum $9/m) It’s not much but for newbie blogger who is yet to make money from their blog.

Pinterest has made it easy for all of us. You can install the profile widget directly from Pinterest.

To make a profile widget:

  1. Enter your profile URL in the widget builder
  2. Customize the size of your profile widget
  3. Click Build It!
  4. Paste the code onto your website, right where you’d like to see your widget

If you check my site, I have a profile widget in the sidebar. To create your Profile widget on the sidebar, add the text widget to the sidebar and paste the code on the Text widget.

Free Pinterest tools

So These are two free Pinterest tools that you can use to make your post more shareable thereby attracting more visitors to your blog.

TAILWIND- must tool to grow your Pinterest Traffic

Another amazing tool that is officially supported by Pinterest to grow your Traffic is Tailwind.
Tailwind is an automatic pin scheduler which helps you to schedule unlimited pins within a few minutes.

We all know that to get a continuous flow of traffic from Pinterest its necessary to pin during those times when your readers are more active on the platform and it could be at different times of the day.

Obviously, it’s not possible to pin manually throughout the day that’s when tools like Tailwind comes very handy. It’s like set one time (invest 30-60 mins scheduling pins) and then forget about next 2 weeks, 4 weeks or 8 weeks. Yes, some blogger seven set it for 2-3 months.

You can give a try to this awesome tools and decide if it’s for you. Try this 100 Free Pins -to see the amazing benefits of using Tailwind -no credit card details required.

You can also schedule your Instagram feeds and facebooks posts straight from Tailwind. How cool is that??


Also, check Pinterest Strategies e-book from Carly on manual pinning and everything you need to know about Pinterest. This e-book is worth every penny.

Increase your blog traffic with these Free Pinterest tools. Pin it button and Pinterest follow widget are two awesome free tools from Pinterest that is very helpful to make your blog post viral.

I hope these Pinterest tools will help you to skyrocket your traffic. Remember, tools are important but if you don’t have a solid stuff on your blog then no tools or applications can make your blog grow.

So, create a valuable and interesting content. Content that is easy to digest and implement. Blogging is a long game and you may not touch the starts on one day one or day 100th but be sure to add or learn a new thing every day or every week.
Are there any other free tools that you know off or using on your blog that helped you to grow your traffic? Please share with us in the comment below.

If you need any help, don’t hesitate to contact me or Join my Facebook Community to network with other like-minded bloggers.

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  1. Hi, I believe that Tailwind seems to be a great tool but its not free isnt it . It only gives you 100 pins for free so that will get used up like really fast….

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