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9 simple ways to Improve Your Website Speed

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Do you know how important is your site load time? A site that loads faster has a better chance of converting readers into customers than a slow site. In this post, I’m going to tell you 9 simple ways to improve your website speed. How to increase website speed?

Your valuable content, expensive theme, beautiful images, amazing pop-ups, and other accessories will not get a chance to impress the audience if your website is slow. If you are planning to gain organic traffic, impress Google then improving your website speed should be your priority.

A fast loading website has two benefits-

User Experience –no one has time to sit and wait for a site to load when there are thousands of other sites offering similar content. The slow-loading website definitely means a higher bounce rate, no audience, and bad user experience.

A website that loads faster means great user experience, better conversion. If you want to Grow your Business then improve your website speed.

Google Search Ranking– Website that loads faster definitely ranks high in Google search ranking thereby giving you SEO juice.


How Fast is Fast?

Ideally, Google likes it to be 2-3 secs but for simple anything within 5-7 secs is acceptable.

You can check your site load time by using Pingdom, or Google speed check.


How to increase website speed



How to Increase Your Website Speed?

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There are many things to consider to improve your website speed but today I’m going to share a few things which are very simple and easy, even a non-technical person can do it.

It doesn’t need any coding or technical knowledge. Let’s find out.

  1. Install a Responsive theme
  2. Use a good hosting company
  3. Optimize your images
  4. Web cache
  5. Keep everything updated
  6. Too many plugins
  7. Keep it Simple
  8. Upgrade Your Hosting Package
  9. Minify Codes using Widgets



Install Responsive Themes

Mobile phones are the handiest objects to access the internet these days. The Millenia is more on mobile than on desktop or laptop to access the internet. This means that it is important to have your website load properly on the mobile phone.

Choose themes that are mobile responsive and SEO optimized. Mobile users are always on the go, they don’t have time to wait for a website to load.

A mobile responsive theme can make a huge difference in your site load time and user experience.

I recommend Astra Theme as they are the best mobile responsive, list, and powerful theme available in the market right now.

Within a short span of 28 months since they start the theme – they have become the one and only word press theme to reach 1million downloads which itself says that it’s an awesome theme.

Click here to check the theme –  Astra Theme 



Use a fast web host

All hands down, SiteGround is the best hosting company in case of speed and uptime. I switched over to Siteground after using Bluehost for a few months and I’m 100% happy with my decision.

SiteGround is well known for its lightning-fast speed, 99% uptime, and world-class customer service. It’s worth every penny and the 100 % peace of mind. They have data centers in three continents around the world which helps them with uptime and speed.

No worries, if you are already with some other provider, SiteGround allows one FREE site migration and they help you to set up your site too.

So far whenever I contacted them, my issue was resolved within a few minutes. Live Chat is the best way to contact Siteground customer service and they are available 24X7.

Click here to get hosting from Siteground.


Optimize your Image

Images are what makes your post look beautiful but it is also one of the reasons to slow down your site.  Thankfully, it’s very easy to optimize images and improve your website speed.

Before uploading your image to the site, compress it. I use Optimizilla to compress all my images before uploading. Save your images in the JPG file type.

You can also use a plugin Wp Smush to compress images that are already there on your site to improve your website speed.



Enable browser caching

Browser caching is another simple yet effective way to make your site load faster for a user visiting your site again. Whenever a user visits your site for the first time, the components of a web page visited are stored in temporary storage or the user’s cache. So when the same user visits your site again, it’ll load much faster.

You can enable browser caching by using WP super cache or if you are with SiteGround then you can install Autoptimizer for free.



Keep Everything Up to date

To keep your site’s performance optimum, keep all applications updated with the latest version. This is a simple thumb rule for any applications. It’ll not only improve your website speed but also keeps it safe from any broken loopholes.

So, if you see any update notification, do complete it.



Too many plugins

Plugins are a nice way to add extra functionality to our sites but too many of it can slow down your site performance. Only install plugins that are necessary and try to install a liter version.

Some people also say that if a widget is a plugin well then it won’t affect your site performance. Since I don’t know anything about coding so I would like to use my simple rule of not using too many plugins.

For example, I use a light plugin Google Analytics by Webkinder for preventing Google Analytics tracking my own site visit instead of big plugins like monster insight. I don’t need to install Monster Insight because I can see all my data in Google Analytics itself and Webkinder does its job pretty well.



Keep It Simple

If you have videos, third-party applications like chat, slideshows, unnecessary side widgets then they are going to affect your site performance.  Unless you want to upgrade to a higher hosting package. It’s better to keep things simple with less flashy stuff.

I run ads on my site but my speed is still under 7 secs because I am with one of the best web hosting companies SiteGround.

They not only offer super fast speed but 99% uptime as well. Along with awesome caching plugin, PHP option, etc.

If you want to run videos or moving banners then upgrade your hosting package so that it gives you more bandwidth.

Upgrade Your Hosting Package

If you are getting lots of traffic to your blog then it’s advisable to upgrade to a higher package. Too many ads and flashy fonts can also bring down your site speed.

I know ads are our simple way to monetize but if your traffic is increasing and you are also running ads and videos then I would suggest upgrading your hosting package for better site performance.

After all, a fast lading site means a better user experience and more traffic.

Minify Codes using Widgets

When I ran my website test, there were so many recommendations to minify CSS, javascript, etc which went above my head.

I did a bit of research online and found out that I don’t need to do anything just install a widget(another one) to minify these codes.

You can use WP Minify or Better WordPress Minify.




If you follow these simple steps then I’m sure it’ll improve your website speed. It doesn’t matter if you have an awesome content, beautiful theme with amazing images if your site takes ages to load then no one will come to read your content.

If Google Analytics is showing a high bounce rate then you should consider checking your website speed.

Another important thing to consider is checking your website on the mobile phone. We(bloggers) mostly work on desktop or laptop forgetting that 90% of the users are using mobile to access our blogs. Hence it’s advisable to check your site regularly on the mobile phone as well as on a laptop.

Biggest of all is joining the right hosting company and by far my recommendation is Siteground and using mobile responsive themes.

It’s the best thing that you can do to your blog.

Also by keeping things simple and less clutter, you’ll increase your website speed by many folds.

Check your site at least once per day to see if all the links on your site are working because broken links are not healthy for your site performance. It’ll not only slows down your site but gets a bad reputation with Google as well as your audience.

If you want to make money blogging and work from home then you have to make sure that your blog loads fast. Every second matter!!

Follow these simple tips to increase your blog speed and grow your blog, earn money blogging. These blogging tips are for both beginner and seasoned bloggers.

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24 thoughts on “9 simple ways to Improve Your Website Speed”

  1. Thank you for the great tips on how to improve my website speed, I will have to try these tricks out!

    ~xo Sheree

    1. Thanks for stopping by Sheree. I applied few of this myself especially the image optimization, follow it thoroughly and cache my site.

    1. Thanks, Heather. Slow loading site means your visitors will leave even before checking your awesome work so I am very focused on site load time. Who likes to wait for ages for a site to load???

    1. I was using Bluehost for my old blog but I faced few issues and then switched over to Siteground,. So far, it’s been great. Peace of Mind. SiteGround offer one free migration.

    1. A fast loading Site is very important as nobody has time to wait for a site to load when we have so much to look around. These simple steps will greatly helped my site loading time. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Great share.
    I have found that image optimization and using a fast theme will helps a lot. Caching also helps. You can use Autoptimize WordPress plugin to minify your codes.

  3. I will be referring back to this post. Thank you for sharing all this valuable information. Speed is everything

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