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Making money from a new blog isn’t as hard as you think?

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I know as a blogger we all want to make money from our blog. I’m sure that you must have read a few blog posts on how do bloggers make money from their blog. Most of us started a blog after reading many income reports where the blogger was earning in thousands. You are also thinking that it’s going to take you some time to make money from your blog. In this post, I’m going to show you that making money from a new blog isn’t as hard as you think.

So, you have your blog set up, published a few posts and you are spending your sleep time learning Pinterest, Facebook, and other social media platforms. It’s been a few weeks or months but where is the money??? Not a single dime, Naah!!! What’s happening???

Is it even possible to make money blogging???  You are desperately looking for the answer.  I know, I feel your pain. I have been through this phase.

First of all, let me assure you that we can make money from our blog. and Secondly, making money from a new blog is very much possible. YES, WE CAN!!

Most blogger says that a blog needs to be a bit mature to make money from it. Even, I was under the impression that it’s going to take me at least 6 months to see money from my blog. I used to think that the first 6 months is mainly to build foundation, get to know the audience and networking that’s why while setting up a Goal for my first 6 weeks (I started my blog in the middle of March so I set my goal from march mid to April end) I didn’t set any income goal. BUT, my blog proved me wrong.

YES, I was wrong and so are many bloggers who think that making money from a new blog is not possible. When I researched how do bloggers make money, most blogs talk about a few set ways and none says anything about making money from a new blog.

How making money from a new blog isn’t as hard as you think?

making money from a new blog

This post contains affiliate links. Please read my full disclosure here for more information.


First of all, there are a few things that need to be in place to start making money from a new blog or any blog for that matter.

Hosting Company:

Start your blog with a right hosting company. This may not affect you when your blog is new but as you grow and your traffic increases you may face problems like slow speed, errors etc. Slow speed is a blog killer. Your visitors will not wait for your blog to load if it takes ages. That’s why select you hosting company carefully.

I am with SiteGround and it is one of the best hosting providers. I know the stress and frustration that you have to go through when your site loads with an error message. Having spent my share of time searching for solutions on Google, I learned the importance of a reliable hosting company. SiteGround’s customer service is one of the best things that sets it apart from other hosting companies. Apart from that, it’s well known for its speed and uptime as well.

SiteGround also offers one-time free Site Migration if you want to switch over.


Check my step by step process on how to start a blog with SiteGround

Blog Niche or Focus Area

Producing valuable content that appeals to your target audience is a foundation of a strong blog. To do so, you need to be Clear about your Niche or focus area.

Without the clarity of your niche, you won’t be able to build a successful blog.

So, my friend, take your time and think, read other blogs, check your mentors or successful blogger who you follow and see what is the common area of focus in their blog. A niche is an area that you focus on and write about so that you attract the right kind of readers to your blog.

With my old blog, I was totally confused about my niche and that killed it. You can always increase the boundary of your niche or narrow it down depending on your readers’ response but, to begin with, focus on one area. As you grow and understand your audience better then you can make changes but for now…Just focus on one area and try to excel at it.

As a new blogger, deciding about your niche is one of the most difficult tasks so if you need more explanation then check this post. I have explained in detail how to select your niche.

Content is Still a King

This is the main ingredient of a successful blog. If you are clear about your audience and your focus area then you’ll be in a better position to write a valuable content for them. Content that is valuable and helpful.

Everything else depends on this, so start creating a helpful post. Posts that solves your readers’ issues, post that is interesting and resonates with your readers.

Also, the number of blog post matters. More you have, better chances you have to keep your visitors on your blog. I wouldn’t recommend you to launch a blog before publishing at least 5 -10 posts. So, if you are thinking of making money from a new blog of yours’ then start with Amazing content.

Blog Traffic

Let face it, without traffic there is no money. So if you are wondering how do bloggers make money then the answer is by generating lots of traffic.

Traffic is a pain point for every blogger whether beginners or successful. Everybody wants to increase the traffic as money lies in the traffic. More traffic means more visitors which means better chances of building an email list, the possibility of clicking on affiliate links and more exposure to ads on the site.

Having a high traffic volume will surely help in making money from a new.

There are different ways to attract visitors to your site to increase your traffic, they are-

1. Social media – Pinterest, Facebook groups, Instagram, Twitter, Quora, Stumble upon, Google+and LinkedIn is popular ones.

2.  SEO – optimizing your content to get better ranking on Google and other search engines. This is a long-term process.

3. Email – Sending your latest blog post to your email subscribers is another way to generate traffic but for this, you need to have a good number of subscribers.

4. Guest Posting- writing post on other blogs in your niche, especially bigger than yours so that you get exposure to their audience. To get a guest posting offer that makes a difference to you, your blog needs to be really impressive and your niche very clear. Beginners can get a breakthrough here.

Out of these, the most beginners friendly traffic source is social media and the ones I use are Pinterest and Facebook Groups.


Almost 90% of the bloggers use Pinterest to drive traffic so it would be advisable to create a business account on Pinterest and get yourself familiarize with this platform.

If you are new to Pinterest then check my beginners guide for Pinterest where I have explained step by step process on how to create a business account, keyword search, group boards, Rich pins etc.

Pinterest is all about Pinning pins on boards and group boards. Join many niche specific group boards and start pinning. Ideally, it calls to pin 50-70 pins per day. I use TailWind, an automatic pin scheduler, to pin about 55+ pins per day and I also pin manually 10-20 pins per day.

I would suggest you use a combination of both automatic and manual pinning for better chances of increasing your Pinterest traffic.

There is an amazing ebook written by Carly from Mommy on purpose on manual pinning. It’s worth a read to learn about manual pinning strategies and Pinterest as a whole. Trust me, I learned a lot about Pinterest and how to use Google Analytics to find popular pins and many more from this ebook. This book is worth every penny.

Facebook Groups are another amazing way to generate traffic. Join a few groups and start networking. Facebook groups are like an encyclopedia. You have a question or facing some issue ask away. There are so many bloggers from all over the world on Facebook groups and few of them would definitely able to help you. It’s your online world learning center. It is also a place to promote your latest post, new course, collaborate with other bloggers for your new project or get new ideas.

Draw inspiration and stay up to date with the latest happenings in the Blog world through Facebook groups. You’ll also know the pain points of your readers if you watch carefully. I am a part of many Facebook groups and they have helped my blog to draw lots of traffic.

I occasionally post my link to stumble upon and Google+ but nothing more than that at this point.

Check this post to learn 10 simple ways to increase your blog traffic for more information.

Now that we have covered some basics, let’s focus on making money.

Making Money from a New Blog is possible

As a blogger there are different ways to make money blogging, these are:-

  • Displaying Ads
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Selling digital products
  • Offering Services
  • Membership/ subscriptions
  • Renting space for Ads
  • Sponsor post

As a beginner blogger, you are not prepared for all of the above options but you can surely use

  • display ads,
  • apply for affiliate programs and
  • maybe try for sponsor post.


Read my First Income Report to find what I Learned & Earned?


Display Ads

For a beginner blogger, this is the easiest way to make money from their blog. There are few ads network that accepts bloggers at any level with no traffic criteria.

The two most popular ones are Google Ads and Media Net.

Both these ad networks accept new blogs. Traffic is not a criterion but you need to have a Privacy page and your blog needs to look authentic. No adult content or violence.

When I applied for google ads, I had 6 posts.  About me, contact me & Privacy page was set up with correct information.


Read this post to get a quick approval from Google Adsense


Some bloggers choose not to display ads as they focus on providing amazing user experience and feel that ads are intrusive. Especially in the beginning as Google Adsense doesn’t pay much and they think it’s not worth the pain but I completely disagree there. I have made about $300 in 6 weeks from Adsense and visitors are also signing up to my email list so I think its OK to display ads.

If you want to know more about making money with your blog at any level then I would recommend an eBook – Make Money Blogging at any stage by Victoria from A Modern Homestead.

She makes about $4500/mo from her small blog and she shares her secret about making money and how and where to place ads and affiliate links. She also talks about different affiliate networks, some of which are applicable to new bloggers. I learned a lot about different affiliate network and ways to make money from this ebook.

If making money from a new blog is your goal, then this ebook will help you a lot.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is when you share another person’s product link on your website and then receive a commission for any purchases made through your link.

For example, I am an affiliate of Dare To Conquer, earlier known as Billionaire Blog Club When somebody buys this course using my referral link {thank you, you’re Amazing} then I’ll earn a small commission from the product creator for promoting his course. This won’t cost anything extra to the buyer.

NOTE: Always display affiliate marketing disclosure on your blog post which contains affiliate links. It’s a must.

How to be Successful in Affiliate Marketing?

First and foremost, gain the trust of your audience by creating valuable content. Content that helps them solve their problem. See content plays a major role in your blog success. This is the groundwork for a success in Affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is not just dropping a referral link in your blog post. It takes far more than that.

If your readers trust you then they’ll trust your recommendation as well.

Don’t Break that Trust for a few dollars. This is very important if you want to be in this blogging business for long then be genuine and be honest. 

Only recommend those products and services that you have used yourself or know for sure that it’s worth every penny.

When I was a new blogger and trying desperately to make it work, I bought a few courses and some of them were rubbish. Seriously, I don’t even pin these bloggers pins on Pinterest. For me, I don’t trust them at all.

If you write helpful content, reply to your reader’s emails and comments, be there for them then they’ll RETURN THE FAVOUR.

Last time in six months of blogging, I wrote a few review posts on different courses but didn’t make a sale. This time within 3 weeks of blogging I made my First affiliate sale with a brief description of the course ( probably 4-5 lines).

The difference was my posts are all loaded with helpful tips and information. I was not sounding desperate. That’s It.

There are a few ways that you can promote your affiliate links:-

  • Write a review post. Share your thoughts, both pros & cons of the product.
  • Write a tutorial, show readers how to use a product.
  • Share the affiliate product often.
  • Create a Resource/ Recommendation page. 
  • Put Affiliate banners on your blog- sidebar, top & bottom.
  • Promote your blog post with affiliate links heavily

Don’t get caught up by Shiney Object Syndrome and start promoting any high paying affiliate product. Only promote products that are related to your niche, which gives value to your readers. (Remember, don’t break the Trust)


Where to Find Affiliate Products?

The easiest way is to become an affiliate of products that you are using yourself for your blog. This way you can share your honest review.

99% of the time all the products, you are using for your blog accepts all kinds of affiliate partner. For example, your hosting company, a theme if its a paid theme, courses- all courses offer affiliate links, Board booster or Tailwind etc.

Affiliate Network accepting New blogger are-

Amazon: They have criteria that you need to make three sales within 6 months of becoming an affiliate otherwise your contract will be canceled.

Gourmet AdsMostly for Food Bloggers.


CJ sales (Commission Junction)


Sephora: Beauty Affiliate Network

Rakuten Marketing


Sponsored Post

A sponsored post is another way to make money but it might not be open to new blogger 100%. Usually sponsors like to deal with a blog that is famous or has a good Domain Authority(DA). Check your DA here

But, sometimes companies look for building backlinks and they offer sponsored post opportunity at a minimal price.  They are not bothered about the blog DA. If it fits your niche and your readers would be fine then go for it. You can get these kinds of offers in Facebook groups.

I have seen a few in this facebook group

You can also join iConnect Influencer Management

As you grow your traffic, the chances of getting sponsor post offer increase greatly. 



To conclude how do bloggers make money from a new blog?

First, you have to do some groundwork to increase your blog traffic and gain your reader’s trust by

  • Writing valuable contents
  • Giving honest review
  • Only promoting product or services that you have used or 100% sure of it
  • Nurturing your readers by reply to their queries and comments.

Secondly, there are three ways of making money from a new blog

  • Displaying Ads
  • Affiliate Marketing and 
  • Sponsored post (possibly)


Tip: If you are not making any money from your blog then don’t lose heart. You can always gather yourself, do some research and relaunch the same blog or start a new one. Keep your Positive Mindset ON.

A positive mindset is very important to get through the rough phase. I know, initially, blogging can be very overwhelming. There are so many things to understand and millions of things to do, to take your blog from day one to the 100th day.

Check my post on how to launch your Blog successful, the same strategy that I followed.

I failed miserably last time, made about $80 out of which  $17+ was from Adsense so I never saw it but this time things are totally different. I have made one affiliate sale, have already crossed minimum $100 benchmark in Adsense.

It was only possible because I didn’t give up!!. I share my story now and then to let you know that its possible. Yes, It’s possible to make money blogging.

There are so many bloggers who are earning is 6 figures. You can be one of them too. Just have patience and Don’t give up.

Having said that I would also like to bring this to light that it’s NOT EASY. Blogging is very hard and Back Breaking. The first 3 weeks after I launched my blog, I used to wake up at 1am in the morning to work on my blog.

Set small monthly goals and cherish every win – big & small. Goal Setting really helps to see your progress and access your weakness.

I hope this post gives you an assurance that making money from a new blog isn’t as hard as you think?

Just don’t sit on this information, take action. Go make some money 🙂

Apply for ads, apply to affiliate network and see if you can get any sponsored post opportunity.

If you need any help, don’t hesitate to contact me at

You can also join my Facebook Community to network and collaborate with fellow bloggers. Also, check my Pinterest account and apply for group boards.

Please share and comment and let me know if you are making any money from your blog. Share your knowledge.


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12 thoughts on “Making money from a new blog isn’t as hard as you think?”

  1. Thank you so much for all the detailed information & motivation. I just started a blog last week & was looking dor resources to know more about proper networking & building traffic. Your post is of great help. I will be working on setting up a pinterest account next. I hope it works out😀

    1. Thanks for stopping by Anjali. If you are new to blogging then affiliate marketing and ads are the best ways to earn money from your blog. My blog is especially focused for New blogger so you’ll find lots of other helpful posts. If you need any help, don’t hesitate to contact me.

  2. Great information! I still can’t decide about ads or not! I’m not a high-volume blog, and I’m not in a super easy niche to make money…I’m currently thinking of blogging as building up to write a book and I don’t want to turn off potential readers. Any thoughts? I started less than a month ago.

    1. Thank you, Amy. I like your blog design, it’s very pleasing to eyes and easy to navigate. If you don’t wanna go with ads it’s fine and the best part is you know your end goal, that’s like winning half of the game. Affiliate marketing is the way to go for you. At the moment you are throwing your ideas to the world, see which one receives the best response and then follow that lead. Good Luck. If you need any help don’t hesitate to shoot an email or PM me.

    1. Thanks, Balqis. I hope these tips will help you to achieve your blog goals. Don’t forget to network with other blogger and help them to get help. Good Luck.

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