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6 Major Reasons Why Most Blogs Fail

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There are so many blogs and website on different topics in the world. According to Quora, there were about 152 million blogs in 2013 and I am definitely sure that this number has gone up a lot by 2018. Every day thousands of people start a blog and some of them go to become a successful blogger but most blogs fail within 6-12 months.

I also started a blog six months ago about work from home and to share my journey as a stay at home mom and a blogger.

Before becoming a stay at home mum and a blogger I was working as an IT analyst. After my second kid, it became very difficult to continue full-time job with two small kids, traffic jam and morning rush. And not to forget kids falling sick every week (it was my son’s first winter in a day-care)

After six months, I decided to stay at home and take care of kids plus give more time to my blog.

I started my blog after two weeks of research, I was so intrigued to start my own blog that I just did it, without much preparation and planning. (Big Mistake)


If you planning to start a blog then check my step by step guide on how to start a blog with SiteGround and WordPress.


With just one post, I made my blog public and informed my friends and family members. I thought I know most about it and rest I will figure it out as I go BUT I was so WRONG.

After 6 months of struggle and many frustrations, I learned my Lesson and decided to shut down my old blog.

Let’s look at the reasons why most Blogs Fail and 6 Major Reasons why my First blog Fail.

(Please note that this post contains affiliate links, which means that when you buy any product /services using my link then I’ll earn a small commission at no EXTRA cost to you. Thank You!)

Most blogs fail

1. Decide Your Niche or Topic

 Like most moms, I started a blog because I wanted to stay at home and take care of kids and support my family.

But I started without any preparation. I was not 100% about my niche/ topic, I thought I’ll figure it out as I go along. It was totally directionless. I didn’t choose my niche properly according to my experience and knowledge.

I started off with Healthy Living and work from home idea niche, which are great areas to cover but was writing about becoming a VA and Proofreader when I knew nothing about them. There was no personal input, it was solely on research.

Slowly, I started losing interest in my niche as I couldn’t find my voice there.

And it was because I was not looking at it from my angle, just following what others were writing. As a blogger its very important to find your angle and follow your instinct.

I know there is no unique topic and everybody is writing about similar topics but a successful blogger presents the same picture in the different angle.

So, it’s very important to find a niche or topic that you want to blog about.

It’s imperative that you know your area of interest and know it well so that you can produce valuable content. Content that attracts visitors to your blog.

Not having a clarity about your niche or topic is one of the biggest reason why most blogs fail.

Read more about niche selection in this blog post.

2.No Mission & Vision for my blog

When I started my old blog, I had no mission or vision for my blog. I didn’t set up any goals for myself. The only goal was to make money blogging.

Now, I realize that I was not treating my blog as a business but just a way to make some money.

I read somewhere that it’s very important to write your mission and vision statement. It will help you to stay on track and stops from diverting.

Know your Why???

A mission statement is what is it you can do or give to your readers or customers.

Why should your readers come to your blog? What are you offering to your readers? How can you help them?

My mission for this blog is to provide helpful tips and information for new bloggers. Give a smooth launch pad to new bloggers and provide all information in one place.

A vision statement is what is it that you want for yourself or for your business?

Of course, we all want to earn income from our blog and want to ditch 9-5, that’s the ultimate goal but why do you need that money? What will you do when you reach your goal?

My vision for my business and myself is to be able to earn a full-time income from my blog and live a laptop lifestyle.

Write down your mission & Vision statement for your blog. You don’t have to write it down on your blog or website if you don’t want to.

Write it down somewhere where you can see it every day. On the wall of your workspace.

Know your “WHY”?

Trust me, it will help a lot in your blogging journey as well as in your life.

Blogging can be very overwhelming especially in the beginning when you feel like there are thousands of things to learn, process them and then implement them.

Most blogs fail because they are not aware of their why? They don’t have a goal or vision to achieve.

Sometimes the overflowing of information can suck you into a hole. Making you feel lost and defeated.

It is during those times, your TRUE WHY will anchor you to the shore. Helps you bounce back and fight.

3.Not Enough Research or Planning

I started my blog within two weeks of discovering about blogging and reading few blog posts of successful bloggers.

My biggest mistake was to follow only big bloggers and get so inspired by their income report that I didn’t do a thorough research.

Please don’t get me wrong, those income reports are very helpful to know what worked for those bloggers and how they increased their traffic and subscribers but it was completely at the wrong time.

When you are just starting out, I would advise you to follow new bloggers like yourself or a few months older and read their income reports. See how they are earned their first dollar or what kind of opt-in helped them to add more subscribers to their email list.

Which email clients are they using? What Pinterest strategies are they following?

You’ll get a lot of information from income reports of new bloggers.

The reason I’m asking you to follow new blogs is that you’ll get a real picture, their experiences are fresh and relevant. They are facing the same competitions and difficulties like you are.

Trust me, girl, I learned it a hard way.

I was a new blogger and I didn’t really know the pain points of many new bloggers because I was following successful ones who were earning in millions.

The strategy used by Michelle from making sense of cents for affiliate marketing will be very different from a beginner blogger.

Big bloggers already have readers, a well-known brand, email list full of subscribers whereas a beginner blogger is yet to know what is an email list or a sales funnel.

As a new blogger, try to get the full picture as much as you can.

Visit online forums or facebook groups and see what questions people are asking? I found facebook very helpful in this case and there are many bloggers who are in a different phase of blogging and facing different issues.

You get input from different brains around the web, resolutions for problems which you are yet to face and many inspiring ideas.

Now I get inspired by income reports of big bloggers but I also follow a lot of new bloggers who have made it to success and some intermediate ones as well.


My first Income Report. What I learned & Earned?


4.Lack of Consistency or Schedule

This is my biggest mistakes of all. I was not at all consistent, whether it was my content creation (blog post), topic to write on or sending newsletters to subscribers.

There were times when I didn’t touch my blog for days and sometimes I would work throughout the night.

As a mum, our plate is full. To make things run smoothly you need to have a schedule especially if you work from home and have kids.

A schedule helps you to stay on track and work consistently whenever possible.

Because I had no schedule, I was completely on a pay as you go plan. Sometimes, I used to publish two posts and sometimes none which is not so good according to SEO or for my followers. My work timing was all over the place which leads to frustration, irritation and unproductive hours as a mum as well as a blogger.

One of the reasons why most blogs fail, there is no consistency and accountability.

Make a timetable, try to stick to it but it’s not a military rule. There is a room for rescheduling always, life happens.

Prioritize things and block your time this way you’ll spend less time on unnecessary net surfing or wasting time on unimportant task.

Check this Super Simple Weekly Schedule from Suzi @startamomblog where she explains in a very easy way how to prioritize your task and set up a planner.

I’ve downloaded the planner and it’s very useful.

5. Not taking my Blog as Business

Seriously, I realized this now, when I’m starting again.

When I was blogging earlier, I never thought that I was not taking my blog as a business.

Don’t make a mistake like me. I’m sure you’ll learn a lot from this.

Blogging is one of the lowest investment business but there are a few things you must invest to have a good start.

I was under the impression that if I can get it for free then why not?

On top of that I was a stay at home mum with no income so didn’t want to spend my money.  It proved so wrong and obviously, I ended up wasting a lot of time and income.

Apart from hosting and making sense of affiliate marketing course, I didn’t invest in anything.

I used free Theme and changed it about 20 times in 6 months thus wasting a lot of precious time and not looking professional.

This time, I installed a paid theme as soon as I installed WordPress so no more wasting time setting up free themes and then changing it.

The traffic to my site was 1000 views /month on 5th month of blogging because I tried to save money by ditching automation and pinned manually for 5 months.

To grow your traffic, you need to give your full attention to your blog, treat it seriously. Not just writing content and posting it on FB, create a pin and wait for readers to find you. You have to continuously market your post.

Since my primary source of traffic like most blogger was Pinterest so I needed to pin my pins to different group boards at a different time and every day. It’s not possible to do that manually every day so I messed up there. I used to pin manually two or three times a day and my traffic was increasing very slowly.

After reading Pinterest Strategies on manual pinning, I realized that my manual pinning strategies were all wrong.

I started a free trial offer with Tailwind in January and then Board booster and my Pinterest follower increased from 48 to 187 but it was too late because I decided to shut down my blog. (The only good outcome was I learned my lesson).

I read lots of free blog posts and didn’t invest in any courses, thereby delaying my own growth.

Please remember I’m still in no favor of buying each and every course for all your problem but there are a few courses which will help you a lot and give you a big push.

Free courses are free for a reason. It only gives you basic ideas but to accelerate your growth you have to invest in yourself. After wasting three months I bought the ULTIMATE BUNDLE and realized what I was missing.

Investing in yourself is investing in your business. It’s a must if you want to see yourself successful.

Hint: Before you buy a course ask about that course in a few FB groups and get some insight.

This time, I installed a paid theme, already have courses like Dare to Conquer earlier known as Billionaire Blog Club

Not to forget, signed up with SiteGround- the best hosting company. It’s important to choose the right hosting company for your business. It saves you a lot of headache and traffic.


6.No Email Opt-in or Newsletter

I am sure by now most of you are aware that the email list is the only thing that you have full control over. Your Pinterest account, Facebook page or groups, and other social media are not truly yours. It can be closed down anytime by the provider.

With so many algorithm changes and strict rules in places, it is imperative to have email subscribers and nurture them because the money is in the list.

The bigger and more engaged your email list is, the more money you will make blogging. Most bloggers make 50% of their income from their email list. So, an email list is very important and you should start collecting it from day one.

The best and the easiest way to increase the subscribers is by offering freebies aka opt-in.

Create something useful for your reader, something that solves their problem in exchange for their email address.

It took me four months to create an opt-in and another few days to send a newsletter to my readers. I was too nervous to send an email to my subscribers.

Don’t make the same mistake as I did. Most blogs fail because they fail to collect email subscribers. the latest being digital media

I can guarantee that with a good and a relevant opt-in, the email subscribers grow. Mine grew from 12 to 30 in one and a half months with very less page view.

Learn the importance of email list building and how to grow it faster.

No doubt, for a successful blog you need Amazing content, lots of traffic and loyal followers. You can achieve all these- create great content, network with other bloggers and attract loyal subscribers only and only if you are focused, know your goals and have a schedule to consistently produce good work and plan ahead.

Make a plan for your blog. Like topics that you are going to cover, blog post times per week, sending a newsletter to subscribers, social media.

Write down your blog goal for the next 3 months and the steps that you are going to take achieve that goal.

Most blogs fail within 6-12 months as there is no goal or schedule. Blogging is fun but it also demands lots of discipline, consistency, and hard work.

If you write it down and follow it through then it will be easy to track your progress and figure out if you are failing somewhere so that you can quickly fix it.

I hope this post will give you some insight and helps you stay focused and create a successful business.

Please comment and subscribe to my newsletter to get more tips and exclusive information.

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45 thoughts on “6 Major Reasons Why Most Blogs Fail”

  1. You have provided some good tips. I have been blogging for a little over one year. I am still in the blogging game but definitely not where I want to be. My challenge is I am working full-time as well plus the small children. I am going to change some things to see if I get better growth with my blog.

    1. Hey Rochella, Thanks for stopping by. What’s your secret to running your blog with full-time job & kids? When I was working full-time with two little kids, I could barely make proper dinner let alone blog. Good with your new strategy for your blog.

    1. Thanks Kirsten for confirming that these steps work. I learned it hard way but now I want to share with others and hopefully help them to a good start.

  2. You are so right about all of this. I started 6 most ago with no research. I just started writing. I didn’t have any idea that I would have to learn so many things about WordPress, plugins, SEO. I did start to do my research as I was writing. Of course, I had to go back and rewrite most things. I am still learning so much. If I had done the research ahead of time, I don’t think I would have jumped into the blogging world.
    I keep telling myself this is a long journey, and I am not trying to win a Pulitzer this week. I am always grateful when I get positive feedback. It lets me know I am on the right track.
    It keeps me going to the next post.

    1. Hey Julie, you are on a right track…I know blogging can be very overwhelming in the beginning and the key to getting through is by being positive and celebrating both big and small wins.
      have faith and keep going.

  3. Maria, you are not the only one making these mistakes, we all do it at the beginning. Blogging is a huge learning curve.

  4. These are great tips for all the newbie bloggers out there. I definitely want my blogging career to be a full-time business, and as such to treat it professionally and with a vision. Thanks for the tips!

    1. Thanks, Annie. IF we blog with the intention to make it a Big Success then we’ve to treat it as a business with a Plan. Good Luck on your blogging Journey.

    1. I believe email is a personal way to communicate with your readers and also an opportunity to know them and their problems. Good Luck on building your email list.

  5. Good advice. It also depends on how you want your blog to be incorporated in your life – do you want to eventually make it a business? Or is it a hobby, etc.? I’ve been blogging for a little over 10 years now but it was mostly a hobby for a long time. I am aiming to bring in more viewers/money in the past few years, but it’s still just something I really love to do and that’s a big thing!


    1. Exactly Lauren, It all depends on how to want your blog to be- Hobby or Business? Wow, 10 years is a long time to continue your blog and I’m sure there are loads of memories and thoughts stored in it. Good luck with turning it into hobby cum business. You can definitely do it.

  6. I am going to take your advice on following blogs that are more the age of mine. Sometimes when looking at more established blogs it can almost be discouraging. I’m happy for their growth and it is inspiring but at the same time it’s totally an unrealistic bar to measure myself against. Great post, thank you.

  7. Thank you for the insight and all the tips! I can see some of my own mistakes in this. Blogging is business and should be considered as such, I need to tell myself that more.

    1. I agree with you Katja, blogging needs to be taken as a business, a serious business if we want to make money out of it.

  8. This post is something I would have written too when it comes to the mistakes made by new bloggers. As a newb 5 years ago, I didn’t have a niche, nor a posting schedule. I didn’t have a vision/mission statement and I didn’t know what my why was. It took me a looong time in fact to REALIZE those mistakes. And correcting them? I am doing it as we speak. Your post is a good reminder for those who are at the start of this journey. Thanks for sharing 🙂

    1. Hi Vinma, Thank you for kind words. It means a lot coming from an experienced blogger like yourself. I think most blogs fail because of these 6 major reasons and if I could help one blogger from making same mistakes like I did, it would be an achievement.

  9. Great tips, but I think the only way a blog really fails is if it is neglected and closed by the author. If you are just writing to write, like how blogs used to be, then you are succeeding every time you publish something.
    But once you bring in “blogs as a business” that takes on a whole new meaning to succeed or fail! I’m just learning about this part 🙂

  10. Hi Doma
    It sounds like you have nailed the issues with my blog 😦
    Indeed it’s hard work with a full time job and two kids.
    My question is how did you know when it was time to pull the plug on your blog and restart? I’m so reluctant because I’ve spent so much time and money on the blog 😦

    1. Shan, when you don’t like the niche you are working on or it looks like, it’s out of the place then I think its better to move on. Moving on doesn’t have to be shutting down the blog especially if you have some followers and spend a huge amount on your blog. How about re-branding or expanding your niche??? There are many blogs which have niched down or expanded their niche and blog about altogether a different niche then what it started with. You can hide those post which doesn’t go with your present niche and keep the rest. I hope it helps. All the best!

  11. Thank you so much for sharing this. I’ll soon be starting my own blog and I’m trying to learn as much as I can before I get started. I know it won’t be perfect and I”ll make some mistakes but hopefully, I won’t make as many. I hadn’t thought about automatic Pinterest posting, next on my list to get set up. Thanks so much!!

    1. It’s good that you are doing your research. Plan your content and remember to stay positive…blogging is very lonesome and frustrating sometimes. Good Luck and if you need any guidance, don’t hesitate to contact me. Happy to help.

  12. I’ve had 4 failed blogs and your post is spot on! I didn’t have direction, I didn’t a niche and I had zero structure. It wasn’t until I put all this together that it finally clicked! This is a great post with tons of great information!

  13. Thanks for this! As a new blogger tips like this really help!! I love this and how it will help new bloggers check and make sure they are doing all of these things to help them grow. Keep up the good work!

  14. I swear, I’m still struggling with email marketing! I’m hoping soon enough that I sort things out. I started blogging about 2.5 years ago and it has been an interesting experience of transitioning from hobby to making it my own little business. Great tips! (:

  15. Building a successful blogging business requires proper planing and consistency.
    If you have these two things, building a successful is just a matter of time.
    Thank you for sharing your insights.

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