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12 Pinterest Mistakes that are Killing Your Blog Traffic

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Are you sick of not seeing any increase in your traffic whatever you do?  Are you tired of hearing from every second blogger that Pinterest is their primary source of traffic but nothing is happening for you even though you are pining like a madman??? Then, my friend, you might want to check if you are doing one of these twelve Pinterest mistakes!

If you are planning to start a blog then check my step by step tutorial on how to start a blog with Siteground and WordPress.

Let’s find out these 12 Pinterest Mistakes that are killing your Blog Traffic

Pinterest is my primary source of traffic and once you have your things in place you don’t need to be on the platform 24*7. It’s a passive source of traffic, of course, you’ll be using automation software like Tailwind for that.

But first, let’s find out if you are doing any of these mistakes on Pinterest!

Pinterest Mistakes


This post contains Affiliate links. Please read my full disclosure here.

Pinterest Mistakes 1: Not Using Business Account

If you are planning to make money from your business and attract lots of visitors then this is the first step.

You can either change your personal account to a business or create a new business account altogether.

A business account gives you a lot of options that a personal account doesn’t, including analytics, promoted pins, and rich pins. plus it’s free.

You can use this information to help you which pins are performing better and which boards are the most engaged.

Pinterest Mistakes 2: Not Enabling Rich Pins

Enabling rich pins is a great way to help boost your presence on Pinterest.

Rich Pins are pins that include your website address and meta description underneath the pin image. Rich pins also have bold descriptions when they’re showing up in a feed, making them much more noticeable than non-rich pins.

Pinterest Mistakes 3: Keywords, Keywords, and Keywords

Keywords play a vital role in your Pinterest game plan.

Add keywords to your Profile description. Briefly describe your boards and group boards and add relevant keywords so that your pins come up in the search results for those keywords.

For example, I have blogging, affiliate marketing, and side-hustle as keywords on my profile.

These will make it immediately clear, what I blog about and what kinds of pins will I be pinning.

Similarly, check my group board, it has a brief description of the board and the keywords: side-hustle, make money online and work from home.

Go check your boards, group boards, profile and add appropriate description and keywords.


Pinterest Mistakes 4: Create Boards for your Audience

This business account is to attract visitors to your blog so create boards that will attract the target audience. As your blog post, the boards on your Pinterest account are for your audience. So make it valuable for them by creating relevant boards.

Create at least 10-15 boards in your niche with proper description and keywords.  If you are out of ideas then check the Pinterest account of successful bloggers in your niche and get inspired.

Fill these boards with helpful pins from Pinterest that is related to your niche.

Pinterest Mistakes 5: Not making use of Group Boards

If you want more eyes to your pins then join group boards in your niche. It’s must to join many group boards in your niche to increase your presence.

Send an email to group board owner asking to join the board with relevant details like

  • group board name that you want to join
  • your Pinterest username,
  • email address and blog name (if you have any)
  • Follow the account before sending the email so that the group owner can add you.

I have three group boards and trust me sometimes people send an email asking to join my group board with no information except for their desire to join my boards, not even board names. I simply delete these kinds of email. It’s too much.

Please don’t do such kind of mistake. It’s your requirement to join the board, so send a proper email with all the relevant details like your blog name, Pinterest user-name, the board you want to be added, and above all follow the owner’s account first an then send an email requesting to contribute.

I also know that some big bloggers take time to reply and if you don’t get any response then try again after 7-8 weeks.

Pinterest Mistakes 6: Not Creating your own Group Boards

Creating your own group boards will help you to increase your followers faster. After the recent Pinterest update, followers have a huge impact on your traffic so more followers you have better for your traffic.

Participate in Facebook Group collaboration threads and promote your group boards.

Pin your group boards on your Facebook page. Share it on other social media accounts.

Pinterest Mistakes 7: Dull Pins

Pinterest is a visual platform so its very important to create beautiful pins. Your pins are the gateway to your blog post so creating an attractive pin that stands out in the sea of pins is important.

Use contrast colors, beautiful images, flashy fonts etc.

According to a new Pinterest update, the pin dimensions are 600 X 900 but you can also try other sizes.

Make sure your pins are clean and pleasing to eyes.  Use catchy Headlines, it doesn’t have to be exactly like in your blog post.

I use Canva to create my pins. It’s free to use plus it has different templates to suit your need. You can also create custom templates.

Read Pinterest for Beginners- A complete Guide to learn more about Pinterest.


Pinterest Mistakes 8: Not Being Consistent

Pining consistently plays a big role on Pinterest if you are looking for a consistent traffic.

In Pinterest, more you pin, more exposure your pins get. There is no magical number to pin but if you pin 30-40 pins consistently per day (spread across the day) then you are good to go.

I pin 50-55 pins per day. I know it sounds crazy but that’s when an auto-scheduling like Tailwind comes handy.


Pinterest Mistakes 9: Not Making Multiple Pins

For each blog post make at least two pins. Multiple pins will help you to rotate your pins and you’ll have more pins to pin in different group boards on different days.

When Pinterest went through the recent update, my traffic dipped a bit almost by half. There was no change in my pinning strategy but traffic was dipping and of course, I was worried so I made a fresh set of pins and it helped greatly.

If you have few blog post then make 3-4 different pins so that people won’t get bored of the same pins.

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Pinterest Mistakes 10: Not Spending Time on Pinterest

Even though Pinterest allows automation but it makes sense to reward people who actually spend time on the Platform. So, my dear friend, you can spend time on Pinterest by manually pining your pins as well as others.

Check pins on your home feed and pin few from there. Remember, blogging is all about helping each other and being social.

You can also pin from tending section and group boards and let Pinterest know that you are an active member.

There are many people who have built their business on manual pinning solely so it’s a good idea to pin manually.

If you are looking to know more about manual pinning then check this ebook – Pinterest Strategies by Carly from

Carly shares the strategies that she used to grow her blog to a successful business by only pining manually. She earns a full-time income from her blog now.

I manually pin about 10-15 pins per day.


Pinterest Mistakes 11: Not Making It Easy to Share

If you are committing this mistake then it’s Epic. If you want your readers to share your content so that it attracts more readers then make it super easy for them by

  • installing a pin it button
  • social share plugin to make it easy to share across all social media like Social warfare.
  • Have a call to action in your post, ask your readers to share your post, pin it.


Pinterest Mistakes 12: Not Trying different Strategies

If your regular pinning style is not working then try a different one. Keep experimenting to find one that works for you.

Change your pin size, try the different color combination, make a fresh set of pins, shuffle your board booster queue, try manually pinning at a different time ( you can get your best time to pin report from board booster as well as Tailwind etc.



Remember, Pinterest drives massive traffic to many sites and your’s can be one of it unless you are not committing one of the above mistakes.

Also, it takes time to see the results so don’t give up and pin consistently.

Be active on the platform and don’t be scared of trying new things.

Share this post on your social media account. Pin, tweet, stumble etc.


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7 thoughts on “12 Pinterest Mistakes that are Killing Your Blog Traffic”

  1. These are great tips! You are so right about tryouts by different things. What works for someone else may not work for you! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Hello Doma,
    Great tips on how to take Pinterest marketing to the next level.
    Pinterest seems to be a hard nut to crack and you’ve certainly done justice to it.
    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank You, Eki.
      Pinterest is one of the biggest sources of traffic to my blog and I believe for many other blogs as well so I think it would be awesome to know a bit more about this platform. I’m still learning.

  3. This is incredibly helpful. I really appreciate you sharing this. I am new to blogging and getting my head around using Pinterest has been slow going. You have made it so straightforward. Thanks again.

  4. These are super amazing tips!! I took notes! My Pinterest profile is up in numbers again, after I stopped pinning, and started back with new manual pins! Thanks for the extra tips that will boost my strategies!

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