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25 Free ways to Promote Your Blog Post

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If you are new to blogging then let me tell you blogging is 30% writing Valuable content and 70% promoting it.  There is no doubt that Valuable and interesting content is the base of any successful blog but those content will not produce enough value if it’s not seen by people who really need that info. In the ear of high-speed internet, there are so many ways to promote your blog post and it’s easy as well as hard to do so.

It’s easy to promote your work these days because the internet has connected the whole world into one. Because of the same reasons, it’s very hard to stay visible for a long time as there is so much competition.

Hence you not only need a super valuable content but you also gotta be promoting the hell out of it in as many platforms as you can handle. Choose your favorite from the below list.

Okay, First thing first. If you haven’t started a blog yet then check this step by step guide to start a blog with SiteGroud and WordPress.


25 Free Ways to Promote your Blog Post

This post contains affiliate links, Please read the full disclosure here.

Promote your blog

Social Media

Social media is the best way to promote your Blog post. Who doesn’t have a social media account??? I am sure almost 99% of your target visitors are using one or the other social media platforms. Having a solid presence in a few social media platforms is very important for your blog or business success.

Let’s see a few big names in social media.


1. Facebook Page

Create a Facebook page for your blog. It’s simple and free. Write a short description and link it to your domain name. It is an easy way to get a backlink and increase your domain authority as well. In today’s world of Fiber-optics (I have) internet, social media presence makes a huge impact on your online presence.

So go ahead and create your facebook page just like I did. Link the page to your blog homepage so that your readers can like it and increase your blog post visibility.

Promote Your Blog Post

Shart Sharing your old and new posts every day.  Don’t just share your post, share other’s posts as well that can add value to your readers.


2. Facebook Groups

Facebook groups are another amazing gift from Facebook to business, especially for bloggers. It’s again free to use and an awesome way to promote your blog post.

There are so many facebook groups on promoting your blog post or networking with other bloggers. If used properly, Facebook groups can be so beneficial for your blog and brand.

Check out this post to learn facebook group etiquette and how to use it for your own benefit.  You can join my Facebook group if you are interested.

I’ll share the link at the bottom of the post.


3. Pinterest – one of the best ways to promote your blog post

Pinterest is another amazing platform that is a combination of Social Media + search engine.  It is one of the favorites platforms of bloggers to promote their blog post. Pinterest is the number 1 platform to drive traffic for 90% of the bloggers and website owners.

Unlike facebook posts, the Pinterest pins have a longer life and more visibility which also means that there is lots of learning to done to make optimum use of this platform.

As a business owner, you need to create a business account to start promoting your biz on Pinterest. If you want to know about this amazing platform then check Pinterest for Beginners- a complete guide.



Twitter is a very powerful social media platform and it looks like the whole world is swept by it. Even government organizations and NGOs have a twitter account.

Tweets are a short-lived post but if used properly it can make a huge difference.

If you are planning to grow your social presence or become an influencer in your niche then start growing your followers.

You can join me on Twitter here.


5. Instagram

Instagram is a visual platform and it’s another popular one especially amongst Travel, Food, Crafty, Beauty, Fashion and DIY bloggers. You share your Instagram stories which appear on your followers feed.

The more followers you have, better chances of promoting your blog post and becoming a successful blogger.

25 ways for Blog promotion




6. LinkedIn

This is more of a B2B (business to business) platform. If you provide services like Virtual assistance, consultation, or blog about personal finances, content marketing, graphic designing, SEO expert, etc then having a solid professional account in LinkedIn can be very beneficial for you and your business.

LinkedIn is not only for job seekers but its also a platform for professionals to look for another professional.


7. Google+

Google+ is not as popular as Facebook or Pinterest but it’s a good idea to have your brand presence there as this platform is backed by none other than Google itself.

I am not 100% sure but common sense tells me that Google would definitely give more preference to its own platform.

I have Google+ account and I think I need to focus more on it to promote my blog post.


8. Bloglovin

Bloglovin is mainly focused on blogger and it allows users to read, organize and discover their favorite blogs in one place. This another amazing way to be a part of the community and grow your presence. Every time you publish a post, an email goes to all the members of the platform who shares similar tastes as you as well as to your followers.

Click here to join Bloglovin and check the site.


9. Tibber

Hundreds of thousands of amazing bloggers use Triberr to promote content, build their tribes, and engage with others.


10. Create Beautiful Pins

one of the best ways to promote your blog post is by creating beautiful and attractive pins now and then. This is my favorite way to bring readers to my old posts.

Pins are the bridge between Pinterest readers and your blog so create irresistible pins that forces Pinterest users to visit your blog.

You have to pin regularly to attract more visitors which you can do so by manually pinning or you can get the help of an automatic scheduler like Tailwind. 

I used to do a lot of manual pinning but honestly with zillions of things on my plate, I missed a lot of pinning. So I signed up with Tailwind- Pinterest automatic pin scheduler. Now I don’t worry about Pinterest and do manual pinning when I get time.

An automatic schedule is so helpful when you are traveling or busy with guests at home or not feeling well. You don’t have to worry about your blog traffic.

Tailwind also offers no string attached free 100 pins to try the platform. Don’t forget to make use of this free offer.


11. Email List Building

If you are planning to make money from your blog then start building your email list from day one. Learn and understand everything that you need to grow your email list faster. 

Email list contains subscribers who like your work, who gave their email address in exchange for your free opt-in because they saw value in it. Subscribers are real. Also, email subscribers convert better.

You can send a newsletter with your latest blog post, blogging tips and etc every week (or whatever frequency you have set up) and promote your latest post or old post or courses. The possibilities are endless.


12. Create Sexy Email Opt-In (Aka Freebies)

Since the email list is so important so how do we go about building it fast? What do we need apart from valuable content?

The answer is Email Opt-in.

Create an opt-in that is best suited for your audience and provides value to them.

Another valuable tip is – please provide valuable freebies.

Thinking that it’s free so why bother wasting so much time and energy is a wrong approach.

It’s like burning the bridge that leads your readers to your Email list.

Here is my Opt-in best situated to this post ( in post-opt-in, topic-specific)


13. Place You Opt-In Form strategically

Make it easy for your readers to sign up for your newsletter by placing your sign-up form at optimum places like – header of the blog, in the post, sidebar, and footer. There are a few places where you must place your opt-in

  • Header,
  • Within a blog post
  • At the end of the post
  • Sidebar
  • Pop-up
  • Footer

Header or top of your site is the best place to place your opt-in to grow your email list faster. It’s the first thing that your readers see.

I use MalerLite as an email service provider. They offer up to 1000 free subscribers and for a free account, their customer service is amazing and available 24X7. They have awesome templates and knowledge base.

It’s super easy to use and above all It’s FREE.


14. Make Your Post Super Shareable

Of course, more share means more traffic to your site so focus on making sharing easier for your users.

There are tons of plugins to make it easier for your readers to share your post on social media. There are many plugins like Kiwishare, Sumo, social share, social warfare, etc.

I’m using Social warfare plugin to share my content.


15. Install Pin It Button and Pinterest Profile Widget

If you have read a few blog posts then you must have noticed red pin it button that appears on images on the post. That is Pin it button which makes it very easy to save that pin straight to one of your boards on Pinterest.

Similarly, some blogs also have Pinterest Profile on the sidebar that shows their latest pins and makes it very easy for readers to follow the account.

These two tools are free from Pinterest and are super useful to make your post and more visible.

Check this post on how to install these two free tools from Pinterest on your blog.


Grab You Free “Promote your Blog post” Checklist


16. Comment on other’s blog

Commenting on other’s posts especially in your niche is another way to promote your post or blog. Make sure that your comments are thoughtful and add value to the topic.

Commenting is also a way to establish a connection with your favorite blogger or influencer.


17. Interlinking Post

Inter-linking to your old post is a nice way to shed light on your other blog posts. You can also enable related post option at the bottom of your post to promote your other blog posts.

I have inter-linked to many of other posts in this post. Those links are mainly colored and bigger font size too.

To active related post options on WordPress, click on JetPack on the left side of the dashboard and click on settings then Traffic and enable it.

Promote your Blog Post


Mostly all paid themes come with default Related post options, check mine below.

Promote your Blog Post

This way is particularly very helpful to make your readers stay on your blog for a longer time and to lower your bounce rate.

Inter-linking to your other post is an easy way to promote your blog post and good SEO practice as well.



18. Join Discussion forum

Discussion forums like Quora and Reddit are good options to build your online authority; to promote your blog post and your brand.


19. Focus On SEO/Google Juice

SEO is a long-term plan but so worth it.  Your blog post has more life if it SEO optimized.

Above all, SEO ( Google ) is the mother of all platforms so it makes sense to make your blog post SEO focused. But don’t forget your first priority is your blog audience.

No doubt, Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram are amazing platforms but it’s a good idea to diversify your traffic source.

Keywords are the center of SEO. To improve your SEO score start focusing on keywords on your post. Keywords are focus words on which you want to get your blog post to be measured by Google. For example, Promote your blog post is my keyword for this post.

Yoast SEO is a free WordPress plugin that will help you to begin with SEO.


20. Guest-Posting

Guest posting is when you write a post for another blog mostly more popular than yours. This is an amazing way to get a genuine backlink and exposure to their readers.

Guest posting not only helps to promote your blog but also gives an opportunity to increase your viewership and your site DA.

Guest posting is beneficial if you write for popular blogs in your niche.

21. Round-up Post

A round-up post is an amazing way to create a content, network with other bloggers and it’s easy to promote your blog post this way.

You can publish a round-up post and inform all the contributors about the post and email them the link to the post and ask them to share with their readers. This way most of them will promote your blog post on their social network and Bingo!

You have doubled or tripled your blog traffic.


22. PodCast

A podcast is an audio version of your blog post. Most people like to listen to the audio file then sit and read 2000-3000 words and it’s easier as well.

Podcast also helps readers to save time by listening to it while driving to/from work, while jogging or folding laundry.

So, I think it’s a good idea to create a podcast to promote your blog post ( I’m considering it too).

23. YouTube

Similar to the Podcast, you can create Youtube videos to promote your blog post.


24. GiveAways

I’ve seen many bloggers conducting giveaways on social media to promote their blog post and increase traffic.

It’s not a bad idea! Think about it.


25. eBook or digital Courses

Both free and paid ebook or courses are amazing ways to promote your blog post. You can link to most of the blog posts in the course or ebook. You can also provide the links to your blog post for further reading at the end of the course and promote it silently.


25 ways to promote your blog post for free


Alright, guys, these are 25 best ways to promote your blog post for free.

Word of Caution: Do not spread yourself too thin by trying to master all social media platforms. Choose your social media account according to your niche and try to master two or three at the most and then only move to others.

Blogging is a long game and there are high chances of getting burned down and frustrated by slow results(talking from personal experience). Have Faith and Stay POSITIVE.


So what are you waiting for??? Download the cheat sheet and never miss your chance to promote your blog post on any of the social media platforms.

If I’ve missed any other free ways to promote your blog post then please mention it in the comment below.



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    1. Great, apply all those tips that you can do it but be careful like I said don’t burn yourself by spreading too thin

  1. I completely agree with not stretching yourself too thin. I did that when I first started and couldn’t keep up and wasn’t getting anywhere but more frustrated. now I only focus on a handful of things that work strategically for me instead of against me.

  2. Hey Julie, I know what you are going through. facebook groups are instant traffic source and also a nice way to make connections with other bloggers. You can also start your Facebook page and start posting two-three times a day.

  3. Thank you for sharing such wonderfull information with us. I only knew few of these. Now it feels like Knowing the proper depth of the sea of blogging world.

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