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What is your Why? Your Source of Motivation

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The aim of this post is to help you find the answer to a very important question: What is your Why? Why did you decide to start a blog and not an online store or write a book? What is your source of motivation that’ll help you to get through this tough journey?

First thing first, blogging is not a quick money making scheme but a long journey which needs lots of planning, patience, and perseverance. If you are planning to start a blog and make money from it then you better get prepared.

To have a good start in your blogging Journey there are a few things that you need to know and the most important of all is your Reason? Your Why?

If You have decided to start a parenting blog then Why??? What is it that your offering to your readers. What is in it for you? Why do you do what you do?

In Short, Your Mission & Vision for your blog: This is one important point in your blogging journey that you cannot afford to miss. If for some reasons you are not meeting any other goals but you know your WHY then it’s not that hard to game up and take your blog to success.

I read somewhere that it’s very important to write your mission and vision statement. It will help you to stay on track and stops from diverting.

Know your WHY???

A mission statement is what is it that you can do or give to your readers or customers.

Why should your readers come to your blog? What are you offering to your readers? How can you help them?

My mission for this blog is to provide helpful tips and information for new bloggers. Give a smooth launch pad to new bloggers and provide all information in one place.

A vision statement is what is it that you want for yourself or for your business?

Of course, we all want to earn income from our blog and want to ditch 9-5, that’s the ultimate goal but why do you need that money? What will you do when you reach your goal?

My vision for my business and myself is to be able to earn a full-time income from my blog and live a laptop lifestyle.

Your WHY is what sets you apart from everyone else. It’s your purpose. It’s what inspires you to take action.

What is your Why

Let’s find out What is your Why?

Why knowing your “Y” is so important? How will it save you from any pitfall??

If you know your reason for doing what you are doing then I’m sure you’ll be more focused.

You’ll find ways to make things work and even when it’s not going the way you want it to be. You’ll still continue with the HOPE that it will come around.

You true WHY is your Hope, the Force that will guide you through your journey and saves you from pitfalls.



My Story

When I started my old blog, I had no vision or Goal for me nor for my blog. The only thing was to make some money so I started on a wrong note and failed.

This time, I know my mission for my blog which is to making blogging simple for new Bloggers. To provide an honest, simple and valuable information to new and aspiring bloggers and help them to grow a successful business.

When I started blogging, things were so confusing. I was lost in the sea of information, not able to figure out which thread to hold and follow through.

I was getting incomplete information from everywhere. I am sure most of you’ll agree with me that the first few weeks are so frustrating and overwhelming. That’s why I wanted to make things simple for newbies.

Now that I know my WHY, it becomes easy to create content because I know my target audience.

My Why keeps me straight on my journey, focused and helps me come up with many ideas. It keeps me from drifting to shiny object syndrome. I know, my mission is to make blogging simple and less overwhelming for my new bloggers that’s my I come with ideas and blog post with same goals.

Let’s Find out what is your “WHY”?

What is your WHY?

Find out that One thing which helps you to bounce back in life or in business. That makes you jump out of bed with a smile and eagerness.

According to Simon Sinek: Knowing your WHY gives you a filter to make choices, at work and at home, that will help you find greater fulfillment in all that you do.

This is one of the videos that gave me a lot to think about.


You can start by answering the following Questions:-

What is a perfect day look like to you?

What is that one thing that makes you smile?

What does real success mean to you?

How do you want your close one to remember you?

What is the one advice you would give to your grandchild?

Do you feel full-filled and content?

Why do you do what you do?


When I was working, I always felt a void I didn’t know what but I was missing something. And then many things happened which lead to me becoming a Stay at home. I started my old blog, worked on it for 6 months making around $40+ cash and ultimately closing it.

Started the second one two months back and doing far better than the first, made few bucks as well. I am yet to earn in 4 figures, working from home for 8 months with practically earning nothing much is hard to sustain. But, I am so content in terms of my career. I don’t feel that void. I am so excited and inspired. You know why? Because I think I have found my WHY, my source of motivation.

That’s why I can say that when you know What is your WHY? You’ll move mountains to get it.


Check your fellow bloggers’ source of Motivation – their WHY!


Blog Name: The Strawberry Fountain
Name: Terri Brown

I have two modes of motivation, the first is that my office has many pictures of boys on the walls so when I feel like I can’t be bothered or the work is too hard I look at the pictures and remind myself that I am doing for them. I am working to give them the best life I can and I am working from home for myself so I can be there when they need me. This usually gets me motivated again. If however this fails and I still find myself procrastinating then I set myself little rewards such as, work for one hour and then have a cup of tea and a biscuit or complete this big project/article and then go for a swim and a sauna. This usually helps to speed me up and re-motivate me. 


Blog Name: Hottest Splash
Name: Edifon Ossom
What keeps me going when things don’t turn out as anticipated is the future I see if I get up and just keep going. So I’m always compelled to compare how the future will be if I just strive harder and succeed and the future implication of settling where I am just because I feel defeated. I am always compelled by this comparison to get up and keep going. 


Name: Paritosh Mehta
We started this blog as a way to learn something new, meet new people with similar interests and help others who constantly keep asking my wife for recipes. My wife loves to cook, and she is indeed an amazing cook.  We have been blogging for more than a year now and our journey is been more than just amazing. We have spent some lovely time trying different food dishes just so that we can write about them. We have received so many positive responses from so many of our friends and family members, that it keeps us motivated to continue doing this. Learning about various new technologies, user experience techniques and best practices and so many other such small things keep us motivated. 


Blog Name: Sincerely Onyi
Name: Onyi Azih
My mode of motivation in life is that the attitude we bring is the attitude we receive. Life has not been easy but I’ve faced every trial and tribulation head-on with a positive attitude. I bring that to my business too. Blogging and influencing have become my creative outlet while juggling another full-time job and being a mother to a toddler and an infant. Running a business I enjoy helps me relieve stress and be the best wife, mother, and employee I can be.


Blog Name: Mama of Kings
Blog Link:
Name: Ariel King 
There are many days that I just don’t even want to get out of the bed, much less do anything else. As a Stay-at-home mom, the day-to-day gets extremely monotonous. My only “occupation” besides being a mom is blogging. I can blog from anywhere—including my bed! What kind of example would that be for my three children, though? These thoughts creep in almost daily “stay in your warm, safe bed”, “avoid the struggles and just STAY” … But then I see these six little eyeballs staring up at me, just waiting for my next move. These tiny humans that I created are anticipating every action that I perform so that they can mimic it. My precious angels are my sole motivation because if it were up to me, I probably wouldn’t even be writing this. No, I would be COMPLETELY contained in the security of my bed.
Blog Name: Money Mountain Mama
Name: Angela
Motivation – I really enjoy money conscious living. I want to find like-minded people to built a community where we can share money saving ideas. I started my blog because I am motivated by my son who is in his 3rd year of college taking 20 units and working part-time. And my husband who started his consulting business from home almost 1 1/2 years ago. My dream is to retire from my 9 to 5 job and blog full time sharing and learning money saving ideas.
Hope this post will help you to find your WHY and server your purpose. Good Luck!!

Please comment & Share. Do you know what is your WHY? What helped you to find your WHY?

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2 thoughts on “What is your Why? Your Source of Motivation”

    1. Thanks, Teresa, I’ve experienced it myself that my mission statement helps me to stay on track. A clear mission statement is very helpful for your blog success.

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