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Make Money from Home as a Mock Juror

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These days many people are looking for work from home opportunity and the good news is its quite possible to make money from home. But with so much information available online sometimes its difficult to figure out the legit options. That’s why I ‘ve got a list of 5 legit companies that pay you to work from home as a mock juror.



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Work from home as Mock Juror



What is a Mock Juror?


As a mock juror, you will participate in mock trials where you get paid $60- $150 for giving your verdict.  You can’t replace your full-time income doing this but it’s a good way to earn extra money. Once you sign-up, cases get assigned according to your demographics.

You will review interesting legal cases from the comfort of your home, provide feedback through an online questionnaire, and be paid well for your time.


Wait, before you scroll down to get the list of companies there are few requirements that you need to know:-

You need to be….

  • At least 18 years old.
  • US citizen
  • Of sound mind and character
  • Able to read and write.
  • Not a felon.


Try these 5 companies to work as a Mock juror

1. Jury Test

They usually pay between $20 and $50 per case. The longer the case presentations, the longer the questionnaire, the more you’ll get paid. You will be informed upfront as to how much the case fee is and how long your time commitment will be, usually between 20-50 minutes.

You can also choose to get paid by PayPal or check or check other options while filling up the form.

Click here to sign for online mock juror for Jury Test


2. Online Verdict

OnlineVerdict conducts online and live focus groups or mock-trials to provide feedback to attorneys.  They usually pay $20-$60 depending on the amount of estimated time it takes to review a case.

The amount of payment for each case will be noted in the email invitation you receive.

Checks are mailed 1-2 weeks after you complete your case review.

Click here to register as a mock juror.


3. Online Mock Jury for eJury

They pay $5 – $10 depending on the length of the case. The amount to be paid will be shown at the top of each case.  You need a PayPal account to get paid.


Work from home as Mock Juror


4. Virtual Jury

The name itself suggests that it’s an online opportunity. This company has an in-depth registration process so set aside 30-40 mins for registration.

Click here to register.


5. SignUp Direct

This is not an online opportunity, you have to travel to the location set by them in your city for a day. You’ll be paid $100-150 for your participation.


Final Thought on Mock Jury…

Like I said before this is not going to replace your full-time income but it can be a good way to make some extra cash from home. The number of cases depends on the area you live and your profile.

It would be a good idea to sign with all of them so that you increase your chances of getting more cases.


If you want to find out about more ways to make money then you can start a blog – check my step by step tutorial to start a blog in a few minutes.


Sharing is caring!

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